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Don't fear marriage counselling, learn how you can have the marriage you dream of

Don’t Fear Marriage Counselling!

When your car isn’t working, you would more than likely take it to a mechanic or call them up and ask for advice. You would get the car parts ordered, fitted and you might even shell out for a wash, wax and detailing just so it felt nice and new again.
When you get in the car after the tune-up, and the parts have been replaced, the car feels great to drive. It feels nice and smooth, it feels like the car is having less pressure to perform and the fuel stretches just a little bit further. The mechanic even puts a sticker on the car window letting you know in advance when you can expect the car will need some attention again.
Relationships are a little bit similar.  After a while a marriage accumulates some baggage, some unresolved issues and some scars.  Marriages need a tune up too. They need parts to be renewed like romance, intimacy, communication, quality time and adventure.  Who the mechanic working on your marriage? Is it you or your partner?
Probably one of you has played the role of the mechanic and put the effort in, let’s say it was you. When there was no reward for all your effort you withdrew and stopped trying. Then the your partner stepped up and put some effort into the marriage but you didn’t care because you didn’t get rewarded when you were trying so why should you care? That’s the cycle of a marriage turning to crap. The old game of tit-for-tat. Both people having an internal score board of their efforts and their pain. A marriage needs maintenance, it needs attention, it needs a wash, wax and detail too.
Why is it so hard to call and book marriage counselling to get your marriage in good working order just like you would call to repair your car? If your marriage needs help, it’s up to you to get help. The truth is, people fear marriage counselling. The fear of marriage counselling stops people in their tracks.
Maybe marriage counselling sounds too dramatic?
People don’t fear marriage counselling because of money or how much it’s going to cost them.  If it was about money they wouldn’t have spent thousands of dollars on a wedding or a honeymoon or an expensive dress or hired flash cars for the day, would they?
People don’t fear marriage counselling will waste their time.  People waste time everyday, procrastinating about things they should be doing, talking to people they don’t like, going to a job they don’t enjoy.

People don’t fear marriage counselling, they fear:


  • Their marriage is failing
  • Realising the situation has got to a point of: Stay or Separate
  • Hearing there is no hope
  • Your partner might think you’re leaving them
  • Anyone else finding out
  • Bursting your bubble of the life you pretend to have
  • Realising you may need more help than you thought
  • Your partner won’t  attend or won’t want you to go either
  • Nothing changing
  • They don’t love their partner anymore or even worse their partner doesn’t love them anymore


Let me give you one mindset shift that will help you make the decision to take a step forward to marriage counselling or relationship counselling:


The reason people come to marriage counselling, relationship counselling, trauma counselling or any other kind of counselling is because they’re looking for solutions and improvements in their life. They aren’t coming to marriage counselling because they have problems.

I hope that makes sense to you. If you’re coming to marriage counselling because you have problems, chances are you’ve already talked to other people about your problems. Your friends, family or someone you work with. And let me guess, the problems are still there. The reason the marriage problems are still there is because your friends and family don’t know how to help you towards long-term solutions because they’re not trained to know how.
Marriage Counselling focuses on solutions and strategies to make long-term changes so you can enjoy your relationship and your life. You won’t be told to leave your marriage or that your partner is wrong or right. A marriage counsellor sets goals with you not for you. The focus of marriage counselling is on improving things in your relationship like communication, quality time and resolving past issues so you feel your life is easier and more pleasant.

People who come to my website are generally experiencing some of the following situations:

  • Having difficulties in their relationship and not sure how to fix it
  • Have lost the connection with their partner or have become nothing more than roommates
  • They don’t know how to communicate with their partner anymore
  • They have had negative experiences in the past and don’t know how to move forward
  • Don’t know how to stop all the fighting and arguing
  • They want more than a life sentence and want to learn how to get their relationship back on track
  • They are married and running a business together and can’t separate home from work and work from home

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, marriage or in your relationship then I would love to work with you.
Let me show you solutions and new strategies to help you make simple changes to your marriage or relationship so it can be really great again. If you fear marriage counselling maybe it’s time to think about what your fear is really costing you. It’s costing you the ability to move forward, it’s costing you having a future you can enjoy. Everything you say you want from your marriage can be yours because it will only cost you your commitment. And didn’t you make a commitment to your marriage a long time ago?
You don’t have to fear marriage counselling, it’s a step in the right direction towards letting go of old hurt, old emotional baggage and starting to enjoy building new memories.
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