Eating Is Comforting


Why eating make you feel good

Why Eating Makes You Feel Good 


Eating food can make you feel good for many reasons.  Usually it’s associated with good times, celebrations and intimate relationship experiences.  First dates, weddings, Christmas holidays are all celebrated around food.


Your eating habits have a lot to do with your childhood and upbringing.  When you were growing up, your parents may have rewarded you with treats, if you ate all your dinner, or if you were being “good.”  A treat can make most children eat what’s left on their plate, even if they don’t like it or if they already feel full.  


Think about it: You don’t like the meal on your plate or you’ve eaten enough and your full,  instead of being able to judge for yourself if your body has reached it’s food limit,  you’re being bribed (sometimes threatened!) to eat what’s left plus eat your treat or dessert.  It’s an unhealthy habit teaching you to over-eat.

Eating too much in childhood


If you were hurt or upset as a child, your parents may have given you lollies or a treat to make you feel happy again.  Your grandparents may have enjoyed spoiling you with all sorts of treats to show how much they love you.


Eating is connected to so many beautiful memories but it can quickly lead to dependency to make you feel good. If you rely on food for positive feelings then you’re at risk of emotional eating.


Emotional eating is when your feelings trigger you to reach for food.  Eating to deal with your feelings means you’re feeding your feelings, instead of feeding your body. Your confusing food for nutrition for food for self care. Emotional eating isn’t reserved just for negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, anxiety or loneliness. Emotional eaters will eat even if they’re happy, excited or in love.


11 Reasons Why Eating Makes You Feel Good 


  1. Food influences your body’s ability to produce Serotonin, a biochemical that makes you feel happy.
  2. It triggers positive memories that revolve around eating
  3. Eating helps to distract you from what’s going on in your life
  4. It’s a socially acceptable addiction – most people don’t know you have it
  5. You can eat anywhere and there’s lots of choices
  6. You always choose food that tastes really good
  7. You can eat on your own – you don’t need someone to do it with you
  8. You can eat in your PJ’s!
  9. You can eat any time of the day or night
  10. You don’t need anyone’s permission
  11. Friends will even buy you food they know you love, to show they were thinking of you


Comfort Eating Serves 3 Purposes:


  • Suppresses negative emotions
  • Increases positive emotions
  • Blocks out feelings altogether


Although eating can make you feel better, it’s only temporary.  It doesn’t take too long before the pleasure turns to pain.  You know when your eating habit is out of control because you’re putting on weight, lacking energy and you’re eating more than you were before.  Over-eating effects your self esteem and confidence.


If you’re comfort eating and you think the habits out of control just know it’s not too late to do something about it.  Even if you’ve put on a lot of weight, just think how good you will feel when you start getting back to how you looked before the habit took over. Remember how good it feels to go shopping for clothes and finding something nice in your size. It feels good to get dressed up and be seen out.  Hiding out doesn’t help you, it only leads to eating more.  


It’s never too late to change a habit. It’s not hard you just need to find the reason to make a commitment to change. Change starts with a decision. Then you need to get your mindset right so you can stay on track.


Today is a great day for changes!


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