Results My Clients Have Shared…

… about Weight Loss

I have been seeing Mirella once a week for three weeks and I can’t begin to explain to you what she has done for me. She is absolutely brilliant at what she does. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Mirella explained so clearly, step by step, what she had planned for me.

I have had a weight problem all of my life, and I was miserable and depressed. But now everything has changed, thanks to Mirella. It is the first time in my life that I actually feel confident and excited that I am going to lose this weight once and for all. I am going to do this by myself without weight watchers, jenny craig, shake diets, diet pills and fad diets.

You will get everything and more if you put 100% into it. Listen to Mirella, do your tasks and your life will begin to change. I can’t talk highly enough about Mirella. She knows what she is doing. Trust her. With Mirella’s help, you can do it.

– Natasha T., Cannonvale

I loved the hypnosis session. I am on track now and have lost 4 kilos already. It’s been great because exercising and eating the right foods is just coming easily to me. I am feeling great. Mirella told me if you are in the right frame of mind it just comes as second nature, and she was right. I couldn’t have done this without Mirella.

– Anne, Cannonvale 

I loved the hypnosis session. I am on track now and have lost 4 kilos already. It’s been great because exercising and eating the right foods is just coming easily to me. I am feeling great. Mirella told me if you are in the right frame of mind it just comes as second nature, and she was right. I couldn’t have done this without Mirella.

– Jen, Cannonvale

I was 25 kilos overweight, so I came to see Mirella for weight issues. She used hypnosis to change my mindset about food and exercise. Now I have lost 12 kilos, one kilo each week since I saw her, just by changing my mindset. I am so happy! I feel good about myself, my family is happy for me, and I no longer feel self-conscious. If you have a weight issue I definitely recommend going to see Mirella.

– Judy, Airlie Beach

…about Time Line Therapy

I’m grateful Mirella introduced me to time line therapy. I have found it to be a very real assistance in my battle with weight, self-respect and depression issues.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family and I was physically, psychologically and sexually abused. I spent many years battling depression and self-loathing. I made tentative efforts to improve and I realised that I had to be in the right place mentally. I underwent counselling and only recently found a counsellor that really helped. I was then ready for the Time Line Therapy.

I had many issues to deal with. Mirella was able to dig in and discover the real areas I needed to address. Some I thought I had sorted out, and some I didn’t even realise existed. I was stunned to discover that nearly all of my issues were picked up from other people or learned in the womb. Mirella was my guide and was with me as I explored my psyche feeling safe and protected. The experience was funny, upsetting and illuminating…

But guess what: I am happy now.

Food is no longer a demon. It is a friend and a form of sustenance. I have recently asked for and received a job promotion. My family remarks on the changes within me and they love them.

SO my advice: go for it and enjoy the beginning of YOUR life. The one you were put on this earth to live.

– J.B., Townsville

Before I went to see Mirella I was extremely stressed from working long hours and having to deal with a number of personal issues. Almost every morning I was physically sick and the pain in my shoulders from stress was unbearable. After 3 sessions with Mirella I no longer have any pain in my shoulders and I have not been sick once! I now laugh and have happiness in my life. Mirella showed me how to express how I really feel. I am now able to deal with any form of stress in my life and when I leave work at the end of the day the issues at work stay at work. In just 3 session Mirella has made me the happy confident easy going person I always knew I could be. Thanks Mirella!!

– Tia, Mackay

Hi Mirella thank you for listening to me yesterday! I felt so much better after talking to you. I would like to try the life line therapy. I just want to move forward with my life! What would my next steps be to start the process?

– Michelle, Cannonvale

Hi Mirella,

Thanks for today, I learned a lot and am really looking forward to some making significant changes for the better.

I also have some good news in that my wife would also like to meet with you to help improve both her life and our relationship (which I did not see that coming). What steps should she take from here?

– Wil, Mackay

Hi Mirella, Thank you for your time yesterday. I have felt empowered all day, and have been proactively looking at options and possibilities for the future which we will discuss.

– Carol, Proserpine

Thank you so much for all your help, you have been invaluable. Life is good and I have lots of positive stuff to focus my energies into. Look forward to keeping in touch and catching up for a coffee with you soon.

– Anne Marie, Proserpine

I went to see Mirella after my marriage broke up. I was a mess with no hope for the future. Within 2 sessions my whole mindset was changed. I miss my marriage still but I am optimistic for the future, and I’m taking care of myself and focusing on myself now. The Time Line Therapy helped me to get rid of all the guilt, hurt and anger, so now I won’t take those into my next relationship. I feel really good now, and since letting go of the negative emotional stuff, I have even learnt how to have a friendship with my ex.

– Jason, Airlie Beach

Hi Mirella,

I am doing really well!! I am still very much interested in joining you on some courses as my hunger for knowledge just never ceases.

M**** and I are doing great and I feel really content and confident and it reflects in our relationship. We are genuinely happy. I thank you Mirella for your guidance.

Smiles all round and if I don’t catch you for one of your courses. I would love to catch up for a coffee sometime out of our busy schedules.

Take care Mirella

– Louise,  Proserpine

I would describe the process of Time Line Therapy as amazing. I went to see Mirella because I had depression for about 15 years, and I had been on medication that I didn’t want to be on anymore. I tried the Time Line Therapy and now my depression is gone. I can go for what I want in life and I feel free, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It is hard to say exactly what happens in the time line therapy, but I could actually feel positive feelings creeping up my body when it was happening – like I was re-fuelling. I just feel so good. No more depression!

– Kyle, Cannonvale

…about Depression

Since my last visit with Mirella I have not had a negative space or revisited where I was at prior to seeing you. I am a lot better and more balanced than I have been for a while.

– Michael, Prosperine

Hi Mirella, Thanks for seeing S*****, she said she felt so much better after the session, I couldn’t believe how easy it was, she can have one session and undo negative emotions, and she easily accepted it!!! She wants to come back and see you again.  Thanks for everything!

– Kyle, Cannonvale

Hey Mirella,

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session!  It was good to catch up with you and get motivated again!  You are wonderful!!

– Danielle, Cannonvale

Dear Mirella,

Alright, here are some of the things that I have noticed since our session:

  • I have dealt with my cold/flu so much better than I would have – not doing the “pathetic poor me” thing and dodging jobs that I know I am perfectly capable of completing (but previously using sickness as an excuse)
  • Seem to be a lot more motivated to get jobs done, either at work or at home, don’t have this ‘heaviness’ hanging around
  • Just plain not putting up with shit anymore!

Thank you so much!

– Kelly, Cannonvale

I can’t thank Mirella enough for what she’s done for me. Suffering depression for nearly 20 years and having tried almost everything, I came to her not sure what to expect. I never expected that I would walk away without the depression that I had carried for most of my life.

I am a new person. I now feel positive about my life and in control. I am motivated and everyone around me has noticed the changes. I guess it would be hard not to notice: I am working now, exercising, and going out and meeting people. To sum it up, I am living now! Mirella gave me back my life.

– Mark, Cannonvale

Mirella changed my life.

Depression had absorbed my life and those around me for 18 years. I thought I would talk about it with Mirella, but I didn’t realise that I would walk away and leave depression behind me for good. It is scary and exciting to not have those feelings anymore.

Now I can be the person I want to be, and do the things I want to do for myself and for my family. I wish I had come to Mirella sooner! My advice for anyone who has depression is to come see Mirella, and get ready to leave your depression behind, just like I did.

– Doug, Airlie Beach

 …about Relationship Counselling

I first came to see Mirella for relationship counselling. I had seen other counsellors in the past with little if any success. At the time I was in a relationship which didn’t work, and I didn’t know why or what to do about it. Unlike the other counsellors, Mirella was extremely easy to open up to, more like a friend than a counsellor.

Mirella gave me the confidence and skills I needed to improve my relationship, and to identify my needs and the needs of my partner. Mirella helped me learn a lot about myself and my partner. I am certainly a more collected, happier and confident man now, and I attribute a lot of this to Mirella’s work.

Mirella went way beyond what I expected. She made herself accessible 24/7 which was very reassuring. I have recommended her to numerous friends, and they have also benefited from her help. I am definitely in a better place thanks to Mirella!

– John N., Cannonvale

How are you?  All is really good with me everyone has commented on how happy and content I am.  I was wondering could i make an appointment for next week some time.

– John, Cannonvale

Hi Mirella,

I am feeling so much better, I have noticed that I am not having as many negative thoughts and if I do I cut it off short and think along the lines of reasoning why something may have happened – no fault of my own. I have noticed that i am not dwelling on past experiences, i still think of them all but they are not bringing up the emotions like they did. With stopping the negative thoughts it is so much easier to move on to the next one.

– Karen, Mackay

I was assertive to ****** today, I explained that i wasn’t happy with what he said and then left. Once i was in the car I got over it and started having fun with the girls again. Being able to leave might play a part in it, but it wasn’t that long ago that i would have gone away upset and stayed upset. I move on a lot quicker….

– Angela, Bowen

… about Quitting Smoking

It’s 4 weeks after my session with Mirella, and I haven’t had a cigarette! I am sure I have kicked the habit this time.

– Lesley, Proserpine

Awww .. my dear wonderful lady.. You are to kind to me!!

Have not had any inclination whatsoever to have so much as a puff. Cannot thank you enough for helping me

– Lisa, Airlie Beach

Hi Mirella I have not had a cigarette since i walked out of the session with you last week and it feels great, i have not even had a craving or the urge to smoke at all. Just taking one day at a time, thanks and i will think about the other things you suggested Thanks again

– Tracey,  Day Dream Island

After my session with Mirella, it’s been 3 months since my last cigarette! I can’t believe it worked so easily. I am saving heaps of money and I feel really great.

– Pete, Proserpine

I haven’t had a cigarette–or even wanted one–since my hypnosis session with Mirella three weeks ago. I am feeling much healthier and am not coughing in the mornings now.

– Anne, Day Dream Island

I have not had a cigarette or a drink since my session with Mirella, and I am definitely starting to feel my old self again. Hypnotherapy really works!

– Name withheld, Proserpine

It’s been ten days with no cigarettes. I can breathe better, I don’t smell of cigarettes, and I feel much healthier. I have craved water which is great too, so I haven’t put on any weight, which was my biggest fear.

– Mel, Airlie Beach

I saw Mirella for hypnosis to stop smoking. It is now 6 months after our session and I haven’t even had the urge to have a cigarette! I definitely recommend seeing her if you want to give up smoking.

– Brad, Proserpine

…about Anger Management Therapy

The anger management therapy worked! My anger is gone. I haven’t had a tantrum, hissy fit or anything for 6 weeks now, and I am feeling more positive every day. I feel so much more relaxed and I really like the reactions I get now, rather than the ones I used to get with my “past” anger. Mirella is great!

– Rob, Airlie Beach

I have noticed my reactions to things that go wrong have been much calmer. I don’t fly off into irrational rages at the smallest thing and generally feel really positive about the future.

I don’t seem to be procrastinating as much, even over small things, and am making decisions and acting on them straight away.

Things are going well with ***** too. We’re chatting more and connecting better.

– Susan,  Airlie Beach 

Hi it`s just that i don`t feel like i get frustrated like last nite s**** was snorring heaps and i norm push her or wake her but i just got up and went to the other room and i feel diff cause i`m not needing any pot i don`t even feel like any (witch is great) and steph can talk bout her work without me gettin mad i hope you know wat i mean i`m not good at putting it into words.

– Mick, Mackay

My anger is gone. When Mirella told me my anger would be gone straight away I thought it was too good to be true, but she was right! It is gone after just two amazing sessions. My workmates want to thank her too. Apparently I am a much nicer person to be around now and I believe it too. I even like me now!

– Phil, Mackay

…and About Other Services!

It has been such a very long time since I have felt like I can do anything and face anything that comes my way. I know I still have a long way to go but at least I’m on the right track. I will be forever grateful for Mirella’s help!

– Jenny

Hello Mirella.

Todays session was fantastic, I already feel better. Thankyou.

– Neil, Proserpine

I am so happy with the outcome of my session with Mirella. I am not having any panic attacks anymore. I honestly thought it would’ve taken more than one session, but they are gone. My husband has noticed, and we are doing more things together now that I am more focused on having fun again!

– Justine, Cannonvale

My phobia is gone! I can’t believe it. I have been scared of the dark all my life and after my session with Mirella I was able to sleep with the lights off for the first time. It felt great to conquer my fear at last!

– Amanda, Proserpine

My last session with Mirella has made a huge difference to me. I have been sleeping so much better ever since. I’m sleeping a lot more soundly and I’m not as tired during the day!

– Kate

Hi Mirella, It seems like forever since I saw you last so I thought I’d better get around to contacting you with some feedback. We had a fantastic holiday, probably one of our better ones. It was really nice to see my family as a single unit again. You asked me to take note of the differences in my moods, thinking and behaviours, and the changes have been phenomenal, as far as I’m concerned anyway. I’m really feeling good about myself. I believe that I have been able use the tools you gave me to acknowledge when my mood changes, determine how this will make me feel, and give me the power through thought process, to change the possible negative outcomes that would generally have had me feeling a lesser version of myself. I think most importantly is the fact that it is almost second nature now to ask myself, How important is this, really? And how can this affect me beneficially? If it is not really that important, then it’s easy for me to move through or even past it. I actually found it quite funny to sit behind an old lady the other day and patiently wait while she had three attempts at a reverse park before realising she was defeated and moved on anyway. Previously unheard of! If it is something that is important to me, I will instinctively engage a thought process that will help me to identify what mood this sets off, and whether or not I feel the need to change this mood to achieve a more positive outcome. It really is quite satisfying to know that I can take control of my thoughts and feelings, – tools I’ve probably always had but didn’t know how to use effectively. I’ve not had a heated moment with my wife or children since my last visit with you, and we are generally much happier together. I still think about my dad every day, but I no longer feel the anguish and hurt that once was there. So it’s onward and upwards from here my dear friend, thank you so much. Bye for now.

– Paul, Cannonvale

My breakthrough session with Mirella was amazing. I’ve released so many blockages and I can’t wait to put it all into practice! I’m so thankful to Mirella for her help, support, wisdom and inspiration.

– Yvonne George


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