Sex and Intimacy How Much Is Enough?

Married couple sex and intimacy connection

Sex And Intimacy In A Relationship   Sex and Intimacy How Often Is Normal?   In relationships it really helps for people to have matching libido’s. Having a matching libido means the partners sex drives are matched equally.  For most couples this isn’t the case.  Usually one person has a higher sex drive than the other. One person may want sex and intimacy once a week and the other partner might want sex and intimacy

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Sex: Can’t get NO Satisfaction?

couple in relationship stage one intimacy

Not getting enough sex? Are you in a relationship that’s missing the spice? Do you want HOT sex but you’re getting the COLD shoulder instead? Lack of sex is one of the biggest killers in a relationship. It’s not everything in a relationship but it does define you as a couple, because it’s something you only do with your partner. Once the intimacy and sex dissipates the relationship can go down hill quickly going from

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