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Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness that creates issues of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions.  It also effects people’s reasonings and creates impulsive actions., and significant impulsiveness


Personality Disorder

There are many invisible diseases that people are suffering with and those around them would never know the difference. Some of these are mental illnesses and many people never know that they are struggling with them until they are pointed out to them.

One mental illness is Borderline Personality Disorder. This particular illness is essentially a disorder that affects how you feel about yourself, how you behave, and how you relate to others around you.


Many people, because of the symptoms, are unaware that this is really what they are suffering with, and it can be hard to diagnose without medical help.

Signs and Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

There are a number of them and they range in severity. Many times, it’s most noticeable when the person is engaging in some sort of impulsive and risky behavior, such as risky driving, unsafe sex, gambling sprees or illegal drug use. This is perhaps one of the most common signs.

Another major sign is that they are aware of their destructive behavior, including self-injury, but they sometimes feel unable to change what they are doing. It is almost like a cry for help. The person could also have mood swings and short but intense episodes of anxiety or depression. This can be confused with other aspects of life if they are generally a person prone to anxiety or depression.

They also could experience inappropriate anger and antagonistic behavior. These feelings can sometimes turn into physical fights with a number of different people around them in their lives. They also have a difficulty controlling any emotions or impulses they feel.

Rounding out the signs and symptoms, they can also have suicidal behavior, feel misunderstood, neglected, alone, empty or hopeless. Or have feelings of self-hated.

A lot of people who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder feel insecure and they feel like they are worthless in their world. They have a rapid change in how they feel about themselves multiple times and there is never much rationality behind it.

You shouldn’t let something treatable get in the way of living life, and it only makes sense to take steps in the right direction to help anyone who needs it.

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