Signs of Depression in Men and Women

Signs of Depression in Men & Women

Signs of Depression

Feeling sad or depressed every now and then is natural and most people can relate to feeling this way. Emotions can lift you up and bring you down as just quickly.  

It’s important to understand there’s a difference between things being depressing and having depression.

When you’re going through struggles in life and experiences of disappointments it can get depressing.  When things are depressing you feel down and a bit miserable but you can still function in most areas of your life.  

You can still go to work, eat meals, pay your bills and other things you normally do in your day.

Depression, on the other hand, isn’t as obvious and it doesn’t hit you when you’re going through a rough time.  It can creep up at any time and can stay for long periods of time. 

It interferes with how you perform throughout your days, increases insomnia, influences your appetite and places limits on lifestyle and choices. Depression isn’t just a case of feeling sad.  It’s much more complex than that.

Not everyone would describe depression as “living in a black hole”.  People experience different symptoms of depression.  

Not all depression feels the same. Some people will experience depression and feel sad, lonely, empty, helpless, worthless and hopeless. Whereas, others will feel anger, aggression and anxiety.

Men and women experience depression differently and will show different signs of depression. Neither way is better.  They both feel the limitations and feelings that are unshakable.

The feelings that accompany depression are intense and unrelenting.  Just getting through the day can be overwhelming. 

It’s difficult for family or friends to understand the impact of depression causes. Depression is not something you can just snap out of if only it were that easy.

Learning more about the signs of depression, symptoms of depression and causes of depression will help you determine the right treatment for depression.

Common Signs of Depression

Depression and Suicide

Depression is a major trigger for attempting suicide.  When someone is stuck in their emotions, it blocks out all their logic and reasoning abilities. 

Suicide can feel like an answer to ending these chronic feelings of depression.  

Depression has the ability to transform a small, temporary problem into something overwhelming, challenging and difficult.  

Getting through the day can be the biggest achievement and the biggest challenge at the same time.

Escaping the emotional, psychological and physical pain of depression can be motivation enough to consider suicide. However, this is not the answer. 

Depression may seem hard to escape when you’re in it.  This is why it’s important to talk to other people and professionals who can provide alternative solutions, tools, and techniques so you can take your power back.

If you feel suicidal please reach out to someone, now.  Don’t wait another minute. Understand everyone wants you to feel better and live a happier life.  It can get better much quicker than you think.

If anyone you know has mentioned suicide, hinted at it or is acting a little strange like trying to get closure on old conflicts and telling you they love you out of the blue, it could be a cry for help or a hint at what they are thinking of doing.  

Please, act now and give them your time.

Talk with them and seek professional help.  Never assume a person is joking or not serious about suicide

Signs of Depression in Men

Men generally find it harder to recognize they have depression.  

They struggle to ask for help believing they should be able to fix it themselves.

Signs of Depression in Women

Women are more prone to depression than men because of the fluctuations in hormones throughout life.  

Taking into consideration menstruation, pregnancy and menopause that all influence women’s hormones and plays a big part in triggering depression.


Left untreated depression can lead to more complicated and chronic types of depression.  

If you notice signs of depression in yourself or in someone you care about, take action now.  Don’t wait because depression rarely gets better without the help of a professional or a support person.  

Remember people with depression don’t always realize they have it.  

Simply asking someone how they are going can help a lot.  Keep communication open and ask questions to keep the conversation going. 

Sometimes just knowing someone cares enough to take the time out to listen can be the best therapy and can trigger the next step in treating depression.

If you recognize the signs of depression and need some help you can book an appointment online, we are available 7 days a week.  

With the right help, you can change how depression affects you.   You can feel free to live your life, feel good again and start enjoying your days.

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