Sex: Can’t get NO Satisfaction?

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Not getting enough sex?

Are you in a relationship that’s missing the spice?

Do you want HOT sex but you’re getting the COLD shoulder instead?

Lack of sex is one of the biggest killers in a relationship.

It’s not everything in a relationship but it does define you as a couple, because it’s something you only do with your partner.

Once the intimacy and sex dissipates the relationship can go down hill quickly going from passionate lovers who can’t keep their hands of each other to feeling like you are living with a brother, sister or roommate.

I’ll say it again: Lack of sex is one of the biggest killers of relationships. 

Most women were raised to believe that men want sex all the time, which is definitely not always the case.

In today’s world, men are so busy working their butt of to provide for their families and to keep up with society that they are sacrificing their sex life in the process, without even realising it.

They come home tired, stressed and worn out.

Women on the other hand are playing a much bigger role than in previous years.

Women are no longer considered to be the home-maker, they are expected to be a home maker, be the housewife, work part time or full time to contribute to the family budget etc.

People, we are in role overload so it’s no wonder the sex dries up.

No one has the energy or the time for it.  The burning question on every couples lips is:

So, how much sex is enough sex?

The answer…. It really depends on the couple.  It doesn’t matter how much sex your mate is having in their relationship it matters what’s happening in your relationship.

It’s not just a time issue.

Mismatched libidos is another common issue in most relationships.

One person may want sex 3 times a day and the other may only want it once a week.

So why is it that people in relationships who could have sex as much as they want, simply choose not to?

Reasons people are not having enough sex:

  • Over worked
  • Too tired or stressed
  • Conflict in the relationship
  • Body and self image issues
  • Too much alcohol or drugs
  • Lack of intimacy and affection
  • Lack of communication
  • Not wanting to instigate sex first
  • Lack of time
  • Depression
  • Boredom – not enough variety
  • No longer finding the partner attractive
  • Prefer masturbation

How much sex are you having? Are you meeting your partners needs? Are they meeting yours?  It might be time for you to have the Tough Conversation – Are you getting enough?

OK, now seriously what can YOU do about it? If you’re in a relationship –  Don’t give yourself a life sentence with not enough sex!!

Do something about it:

  • Make time for it
  • Get adventurous
  • Get romantic
  • Talk and listen to each other
  • Spend quality time together
  • If you have mismatched libidos – Compromise and find a balance you are both happy with
  • Initiate it – don’t wait for your partner to instigate all the time
  • And most importantly – BE PRESENT & BE ENTHUSIASTIC

No one wants a “pitty root” or a “just get it over with romp”.

Do it with all your heart and soul or just don’t do it.

Sex is not the most important part of a relationship but is damn well should be up there on the priorities list.

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Mirella DeBoni

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