11 qualities of a good marriage

11 Qualities of a Good Marriage

11 Qualities of a Good Marriage

In today’s world, men need our help.  We need to be able to contribute to the household income because let’s face, it’s freaking expensive to live in todays world.

Some women can’t help out financially because of different reasons but there are many ways to help out and make life easier at home.

And men, yes you need some help bringing in the money but women need some help around the house too. Your work is not done because you left the job site or the office. 

No, no, no!!  Find some jobs you can do around the house to ease the load off your lady and she will love you for it.

Relationships are very different to what we believe they are supposed to be. 

Most of us grew up to learn that as a woman you would marry your prince charming and live happily ever after.

Holy crap that fantasy comes complete with 7 little dwarf men or a bunch of fairies and forest animals who would love to clean your house! 

Obviously this is not the case and marriage and relationships actually require so much more than taking care of your appearance and looking like a princess.

Relationships actually look a lot like hard work.  

And I mean really hard work when you are programmed to believe it is supposed to be different and it is supposed to be dreamy and heavenly.

Now, as for you as a couple, you can both do more for your relationship and even if you think you do a lot, you can always do more. 

And believe me, it’s worth putting the effort in because the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.

This is not about doing jobs or buying each other present or going on holidays this is about the real stuff it takes to have a good marriage and relationship.

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Here are 11 qualities that will help you understand what makes a good marriage and a great relationship:


For a relationship to be able to grow and mature you also need to have a good relationship with yourself. 

You need to know what you want and what you need so that you can talk to your partner about it.

Too many people rely on their partner’s ability to mind- read what they want in life and how they feel and think. 

Mind reading is NOT the best strategy for success!

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