Stop Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program

The Stop Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program is designed change how you deal with your emotions without turning to comfort eating.

You will learn how to identify signs and symptoms of emotional eating, manage emotions without food, let go of self sabotage, rebuilding your self esteem and focusing on your future goals.

This program has 5 modules, handouts and 11 Hypnosis Audio Recordings.




The Stop Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program

The Stop Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program is designed to help you change your eating habits and food choices.  You will reduce the amount of food you eat and you will feel full.

This program includes 11 hypnosis sessions:

  1. A New Relationship With Food
  2. Learning Lessons From Your Emotions
  3. Controlling Your Emotions
  4. Letting go of Emotions & Stresses
  5. Relaxation 
  6. Letting go of Negative Self Talk
  7. Self Confidence
  8. Accepting Yourself
  9. Feeling More Positive
  10. Increasing Your Self Confidence
  11. Planning Your Future Goals

Plus 5 Content Modules

Plus 5 Workbooks

Together all of these tools will help you change your mindset, change how you feel about yourself and how you deal with life so that you can lose weight without turning to food for comfort.

You can work through it from start to finish or choose the sections you want to focus on.

It all starts with the right mindset.  

Are you ready to step into the version of yourself you’ve been dreaming about?



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