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I have been a Counselor for more than 10 years. I specialise in marriage counselling, depression & anxiety and clinical hypnotherapy.


When I studied Counselling right from the start I knew I would always been studying to learn more.


When it comes to how people think, feel and behave there needs to be more answers.  


There isn’t just one way to help a person change. I have been on a continuous path of learning which started with Counseling and led me to Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy and Mediation & Dispute Resolutions.


Hypnotherapy is dealing with the unconscious mind and automatic behaviour and responses.  NLP is a tool to help reprogram those behaviours. Combined they are the most effective tools I have come across to help people change feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and stress.  


I’ve seen people get rid of depression in 2 sessions who have had depression their whole life and who have been on a continuous path looking for help.  It’s not a miracle cure – it’s reprogramming how someone is creating behaviours.


I have also studied some different types of healing methods that wouldn’t appeal to conservative and traditional people. Some people love alternative healing methods so I have explored many.


I feel very passionate about families staying together (under the right circumstances of course), keeping marriages together by teaching new skills for communication, love and affection, quality time, finances, fun and being supportive and helpful to each other.


The people I love to work with the most are people who have depression and those who feel lost or stuck in the life. The reason I love working with these people is because they have the biggest outcomes and results. I always wish I could take a before and after photo of the people who come in for help.


To see someone who has struggled with depression their whole life, hasn’t been able to work, has had no motivation for life, has limited their own potential and watching them change into someone who is a go-getter, action taker, living their life and increasing their opportunities is truly the best feeling in the world.


I’ve seen people change. I’ve heard people tell me their stories and explain that it would take a very long for them to change and within 2 – 3 sessions they have transformed into a much better version of themselves. 


When someone wants change in their life, it’s not about changing that person into someone they are not. It’s about giving them the tools to be who they are without their old story.




Books Written by Mirella DeBoni


  • Dear Depressed Entrepreneur  Wait….. Don’t Jump
  • Dear Depressed Entrepreneur: How To get Back on Track Even When You Feel Depressed,Stuck or Not Good EnoughCounselor Mirella DeBoni #1 International Best Selling Author Icon
  • Dear Depressed Entrepreneur: Accompanying Workbook
  • The Secret Sauce of Loving Relationships: A Better Me A Better Us
  • Why Are You So Angry? The Rage, The Rush & The Release
  • Self Esteem: Get It, Live It, Love It
  • Simple Steps to Loving Relationships
  • Dear Single Mum: How To Make A Tonne of Money & Find The Man Of Your Dreams
  • ….. Plus Many Business Coaching and Personal Development Programs




Mirella DeBoni: Qualifications:


  • Relationship Counselling Specialist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist
  • #1 International Best Selling Author on Amazon
  • NLP Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Counsellor Abuse & Trauma
  • Counsellor Career Guidance
  • Counsellor Grief & Loss
  • Hypnotherapy Trainer & Master Practitioner
  • Business Coaching for online business, married couples in business, therapists and health & wellness industries
  • Book Writing Coach
  • Mediator trained by the Department of Justice for separating parents





Mirella DeBoni Professional Memberships 


  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists – Executive Level
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy 
  • American Board of NLP
  • Time Line Therapy Association


Mirella DeBoni Executive Level Membership IICT




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