Marriage Counselling


Hi, my name is Mirella DeBoni. I’m a Relationship Counselling Specialist. I specialise in Marriage Counselling and Relationship Counselling helping couples stay together under better circumstances.


If you’re on my website there’s a good chance you’re going through marriage or relationship issues and you’re looking for answers on how you can get your relationship back on track.


If your marriage has been in trouble for a while now you have probably:


  • Cried Yourself to sleep
  • Become really angry or sad
  • Feel pressure and stress
  • Ignored it
  • Tried talking about but it goes nowhere
  • You have more than likely spoken to your family and friends about it
  • You may have googled things you can do about it


But, here you are and you’re still looking for something. Sometimes it takes more than google to help you get the answers you are looking for. You need the personal experience of coming in and talking with me – A Relationship Counselling Specialist.


Sounds scary right? It’s always a bit scary doing something you haven’t done before.


I think it’s a big deal to come and see a Relationship Counselling Specialist.  It really is. You are talking with a total stranger and being open and vulnerable about your personal and intimate details. The benefit is, you are telling a complete stranger!


You’re talking with someone who: 


  • doesn’t know you or your partner
  • doesn’t know your history
  • doesn’t know your extended family
  • doesn’t know your past


When you talk to your friends or family about your marriage you risk taking on their personal experiences and biased opinions.  Even though they want to help and have your best interests at heart it doesn’t mean they have the answers for your relationship.


Talking with a Relationship Counselling Specialist can help you learn:


  • Why you react the way you do
  • Why you say the things you say
  • Why things have a certain meaning to you
  • What your strengths are in a relationship
  • What your weak points are

……..and learn what you can do about it


Marriage Counselling Can Help You If You’re Going Through Any Of The Following:


  • You are on an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs
  • You feel like your relationship is “monotone or boring”
  • You have reached a crossroads in your relationship and you’ve asked yourself is it worth the effort? Why am I still here?
  • If you have asked yourself would I be better off with them?
  • If you want to get your relationship back to being good but you have no idea how
  • When your communication is non-existent
  • When you are both arguing all the time over the little things
  • If addictions have come into the relationship (alcohol, drugs)


What To Do Next:


You don’t have to come to relationship counselling with your partner. Sometimes, it helps to come to counselling on your own so you can talk about what is going on without having to “be careful of hurting your partners feelings”.


When you do come to relationship counselling together, the focus is on resolving issues that you have not been able to resolve up until now. There is no blame in relationship counselling. We are simply looking for solutions and a plan on how to make things change.


If you have had enough of being in a marriage or relationship that isn’t making you happy or you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, you can book an appointment with me.


We are open 7 days to make it easier for you to get your marriage and relationship sorted out.


And I will look forward to meeting you.


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