Marriage Counselling FAQ

Marriage Counselling FAQ

Marriage Counselling FAQ Whitsunday Professional Counselling


Relationship & Marriage Counselling FAQ’s


Whitsunday Professional Counselling specialises in relationships and marriage counselling. If you’re thinking of coming to marriage counselling you may have some questions. Read the Marriage Counselling FAQ below for more information on marriage counselling:

What Happens In The First Marriage Counselling Session?


  • The first session of marriage counselling is all about your identifying what the relationship issues are that you want to resolve but haven’t been able to do, up until now.
  • I will ask about the background of your relationship at the beginning of the session.
  • Each person is asked why they have come to marriage counselling and what do they want to achieve
  • Each person talks about the issues they would like resolved without interruption.
  • We discuss the options for solutions and skills needed to resolve conflicts and learn to love each other in a better way.
  • If you want to bring notes for issues you would like to discuss that’s no problem.
  • The purpose of seeking marriage counselling is to learn how to resolve issues and communicate with each without getting emotional or walking away.


Do We Need To Bring Anything To Marriage Counselling?


  • Some people like to bring in notes they have written so they don’t forget important issues they want to discuss but you don’t have to do that.
  • All you need to bring to marriage counselling is a commitment to listen to each other and participate.


Can I Come To Marriage Counselling On My Own?


  • You can come to counselling on your own. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the issues without having to think about how you can say it without hurting your partners feelings.
  • If your partner doesn’t want to come to counselling at all, you can still make a difference to your marriage by coming on your own to counselling.


I Will Ask Of You One Thing:


  • Please don’t use me as Dutch courage for things you want to say to your partner but don’t have the courage to say without “My Counsellor said…”
  • We’re not in High School, there is no “My Counsellor said…..”
  • If you come to Marriage Counselling on your own, please understand I am only on the side of the relationship.
  • It will only cause more issues to your marriage and I am on the solution side of the problem!


Does Marriage Counselling Work?


  • Marriage counselling works if you’re willing to listen, understand and learn new ways of communicating with each other.
  • If you implement the new skills you are learning in the sessions your relationship will improve quickly and you will feel the benefits.


How Many Sessions Are Required?


  • After the first session we would determine how many sessions are needed based on the issues you want to resolve.
  • I prefer to have sessions booked as you go and not in advance.
  • I’m not interested in having you in counselling for longer than required because I focus on results and not on how many sessions you need to book in advance.
  • If you come to the marriage counselling sessions and you’re open, honest and willing to take on board the new skills you will learn, you won’t need many sessions.


What Are Your Qualifications?

My qualifications include:

  • Marriage & Relationship Counselling Specialist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Trainer
  • Counsellor – Speciality areas – Abuse & Trauma, Career Guidance
  • Business Coach
  • Book Writing Coach
  • #1 International Best Selling Author in the self help & business field


How Much Does Marriage Counselling Cost?


  • Marriage counselling sessions are $120 for a one hour session. Cash or online payment (PayPal) is accepted.
  • Can I Claim Marriage Counselling through Medicare or Private Health for a Rebate?
  • Health funds don’t cover marriage counselling so there are no rebates. Medicare does not cover marriage counselling either. This is an investment you need to make for the value of saving your marriage.


Are There After Hours Appointments Available?


  • My working hours are Monday – Friday 9am til 4pm.
  • I don’t work at night however, I’m available on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am til 12pm.
  • You can book an appointment on line and choose your date and time.


Is Marriage Counselling Confidential?


  • Marriage counselling is confidential unless the court subpoena’s your file. Any Personal counselling sessions prior to commencement of marriage counselling is kept confidential.
  • If you have commenced marriage counselling and then seek personal counselling, the information discussed is not considered confidential because you’re already in marriage counselling and as your Marriage Counsellor I’m not allowed to keep any secrets.
  • It doesn’t mean I will make a phone call and share any information however, if I’m asked specific questions I wouldn’t lie for anyone.


Still have a question that wasn’t included on the Marriage Counselling FAQ list?

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