Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?

Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?

Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?

When someone goes through a physical change such as loosing weight it is easily noticed, right? Well what if someone went through a mental change? Most people wouldn’t know because it’s not visible. When someone suffers from anxiety they can change both physically and mentally.


When you’re with the person you love you want to enjoy every moment of it. You want to be able to look back on it as a wonderful memory not a horrible disaster. People with anxiety experience mood swings such as feeling edgy and nervous then move on to feeling and acting being angry and irritable. This would put a strain on the relationship, causing many arguments.


How To Tell When Anxiety Is Affecting Your Relationship:


  • They could become snappy and short-tempered
  • They may worry unnecessarily
  • They won’t talk about what is going on
  • They may frequently question if their other half is angry or upset with them
  • They may even become angry towards you
  • They nitpick things that did not use to bother them.
  • Your partner becomes needy, impulsive and suspicious


Tips To Help You If Your PARTNER Has Anxiety:


  • Once a panic attack is in motion there is nothing you can do until it is over and then just be there for your partner
  • Learn about their condition
  • When there is an argument don’t bring their anxiety into it – such as saying things like “just get over it”… Don’t do it, just don’t!
  • Don’t take any of it personally
  • Be patient
  • Don’t forget that your partner loves you
  • Distract them


Tips To Help YOU If YOU Have Anxiety:


  • Breathing exercises
  • Some sort of physical activity e.g. Swimming, cycling, running etc.
  • Watch a movie
  • Set boundaries
  • Focus on your own care
  • Don’t forget your partner loves you


If you’re in a relationship and you struggle with anxiety the truth is, your partner is dealing with it too.  Whatever limits anxiety is placing on you, it’s also placing it on your partner. Anxiety is a problem when it stops you doing things you really want to do.


When anxiety is placing limits on where you go, where you live and what you do in life it means you are losing control. Losing control in terms of a relationship means you are not choosing what you want, you are waiting for some kind of sign to show you that you could go to different places, and you could do a lot of things.


Before you know it, your relationship revolves around what you can and can’t do because of your “anxiety”.  It breeds resentment in the relationship too. Anxiety causes stress on the relationship because your partner is not in control either.


Basically, everything in life is played with the attitude “See What Happens”. You’re waiting for something to happen in your life instead of stepping in and giving your life a direction.


Your partner ends up facing decisions to wait until you’re able or unable to do things with them that you used to enjoy or if they need to start doing things on their own. They can’t give up things because of your anxiety.


Everyone experiences anxiety. It’s a normal human emotion. The difference is other people are not living with just their anxiety. They feel it, consider their options and keep moving forward. If you’re stuck and need some help with anxiety then book an appointment by clicking the button below. I would love to work with you and show you how hypnosis can help you to reprogram your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.