Hypnotic Weight To Stop Emotional Eating Program - Whitsunday Professional Counselling

Welcome to the Program!

This is a 5 Week Program to help you Stop Comfort Eating, Lose Weight & Feel Good In Your Own Skin. You will find in every module a PDF for you to work through which will address a particular topic for the week. Plus you have hypnosis recorded sessions to listen to each day.

  • PDF modules

  • Recorded Sessions

  • Face to face sessions

    (VIP ONLY)

VIP MemberYou will also have 5 hypnosis sessions face to face and personalised to help you with other triggers that are identified.

The face to face sessions are completely different to the recordings so that it triples the impact and end result.
As a VIP member you also have accountability to send back your handouts to make sure you are getting the Inner Work done.

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You can choose any recording within the week however you are expected to listen to all of them.  When you find one you like the most, feel free to listen to it more often to really reinforce your learnings at the unconscious level to build your automatic behaviour so you are working towards your goal.  Hypnosis works best by repetition. The recordings are around 25-30 minutes each to make it easy to find the time to fit them into your day.  You can transfer the MP3’s to your iTunes library and download them to an iPod if you like.

Warning: Please do not listen to the hypnosis recordings while driving a car or doing any other activity that requires your full concentration. Please listen to these recordings at night before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning as you wake up.  Listening to them anytime when you are laying down in a safe, quiet place is best.  For hypnosis to work best you want to use all your senses: see, hear, feel, taste and smell. The more vivid you can the visualising process, the more your unconscious mind will accept it as your truth and you will find you are acting accordingly which is the goal.

This program does not address what food you need to eat or which exercise program you should be doing.  It’s based on reprogramming your emotional triggers so that you are not addicted to eating to feel good.  It’s based on reprogramming your self-talk and beliefs to stop self-sabotage.  It’s designed to increase your self awareness and self esteem so you feel confident about who you are. And lastly you will learn to keep your momentum up by keeping on track.

Set your intentions, learn as much as you can, implement and most of all be kind to yourself. Don’t put a time limit on when you can be happy because you can be happy now.  It’s a choice you can make right now. When you lose the weight it will add to your joy instead of creating it.

Thank you for investing in this program.