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You’re probably looking at this page because you don’t look and feel good about yourself at the moment and maybe you have felt like that for a long time.


  • Maybe you have noticed as you’re slowly putting on weight and can’t fit into your “nice” clothes anymore, but you can’t seem to get back to what you used to be in size and shape
  • Maybe you have just gone off the rails and eaten way too much junk and now you’re feeling regret and disappointment


Sometimes we can get ourselves back on track. We can start watching what we eat and adding in a little exercise and we can get results.


But, sometimes, we stay stuck on this self-destructive path of emotional eating for months and even years until something shifts in our mindset that says:


“That’s enough”

“It’s time to do something about this”

“ I don’t want to feel like this anymore”

“I’m better than this”

“I am going to lose weight”

“I am going to feel good about myself”


I’ve lost 3.3kg in 10 days! I can’t believe I’ve almost achieved my whole weight loss goal, only 4 kilos’ to go now thank you Mirella this is awesome! Ashley, Airlie Beach


The reason diets don’t work is because it means you have to sacrifice the foods you love in order to shed the weight and it can take a long time to get a result.


So, at some point, the benefit of sacrificing what you love to eat will eventually outweigh the benefit of losing weight.


When you sacrifice something that you love to eat because you are “not allowed to” it means that you’re going away from what you like.


When you go away from what you like it means that you have to consciously think about the food that you can’t have in order to know that you can’t have it. And that means it’s still very much on your mind. Tempting you.


This is why the yo-yo dieter struggles, they go away from what they want and then go straight back to it with a vengeance because what they were telling themselves “not to eat” was actually on their mind for a long time and repeated in their mind over and over again.


And that’s how hypnosis works – whatever you repeat in your mind will become a new program or reinforce an old program or habit. So, you really want to be careful what you’re telling yourself because your self-talk will determine your result.


Now, what if we took out all the rules and you could eat anything you wanted, anything at all. How does that make you feel now as opposed to knowing that you can’t have things that you like? That’s right….. it makes you feel better and more in control of your life.


Why not make a decision to choose the same decision each day – to shed the weight and feel good about yourself. Let’s add to that the choice that you can eat whatever you want. Now, that we have taken out all the rules, you need to choose one more thing; and that is to allow your mind to be in control of how much you eat.


If you could live by that choice; to eat by listening to the messages that your body is sending to your brain, you would only eat when you were hungry and you would stop eating when you were full. You would choose food that fuelled your body with nutrients rather than junk food that is hurting your body.


  • I wonder how many times a day that you eat because you actually feel hungry?


  • I wonder how many times a day you eat because something looks good or smells good?


  • I wonder how many times a day you eat because you are bored, upset or frustrated?


I wonder…….


What if … you only ate when you actually felt hungry?

What if… you could eat anything you wanted but you chose to eat just a very small portion and could still feel satisfied?

What if… you could choose the same choice everyday automatically?


I wonder what would happen?


I’m down 6 kilo’s and it’s taken 6 weeks.  I feel really good, I feel calm and I’m not hungry.  I feel like I have a lot more energy now. Mark, Cannonvale


That’s’ right… You’re going to achieve what you want to achieve with your weight loss goals. You can just enjoy your life, go out with your friends and family for dinners, lunches or breakfast because you have no restrictions.


And that’s how I can help.


The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Lapband retrains your mind to become satisfied with eating much smaller food portion sizes so you feel full by eating less. It helps you gain control of your eating habits by choosing healthier food choices.   It changes the way you think about food leading to the weight loss you desire.


It will focus on your mindset to build your confidence, to motivate you to be more active and drink more water.


Because when you’re in the right frame of mind it becomes easy to stay on your path. It becomes an automatic way of life to eat less feel full and satisfied. And to shed weight and feel confident and boost your self-esteem.


Mirella I didn’t know if it was working because I kept falling asleep half way through but I’ve lost 7 kilos in 3 weeks! I’m down more than a dress size I’m so excited. It’s been really hard for me to lose weight before because I was always doing emotional eating but now I am feeling good about myself, I’m eating better food and now I’m wearing clothes that make me feel younger. It’s just been a great experience Kylie, Proserpine



This program includes hypnotherapy recordings that can be used as often as you like to keep your mind refreshed and on track.


The more you listen to the recordings the more your mind will open up and generate new options, solutions, skills and resources that are already inside you that will help you choose the right foods, the right amount, you will feel full and feel satisfied.


What’s Included In This Program?


  • Three Hypnotic Recordings
  • One Workbook
  • Downloadable Journals
  • Bonus recordings on emotional eating


Hypnosis recordings MP3’s




This recording is the holy grail of hypnosis for weight loss and is a very popular alternative to the real gastric bypass operation.  The only side effect is weight loss! In this session you are taken step-by-step through the Gastric Lapband Mind Surgery.


There is no pain involved, although some people report feeling a little tender in the tummy after listening to the recordings as their mind is creating the feeling and understanding that you have just gone through an actual “gastric lapband surgery”.


After this session you will begin to eat much less and feel full and satisfied. You will start choosing healthier food because you feel compelled to make different choices – it’s great!


This session is just over an hour and the results are amazing with people reporting they are losing between 1 – 2 kilos per week in the first few weeks, before settling on a gradual weight loss of between .5 – 1kg per week thereafter.




The weight loss and motivation session will suggest to your unconscious mind all the benefits of staying on track, feeling motivated and will install the feeling of wanting to exercise and wanting to become more active on a daily basis which will increase your weight loss results and help your body lose inches because the more you exercise the more your body will change shape.  This will help you fit into your clothes better and you’ll feel more confident within yourself.




This relaxation session is designed to help you feel relaxed, calm, content and confident and is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and is also a great start to your day. This will also help you focus your mind and regroup by letting go of tension in your body and calm your mind to deal with every day stress.




Emotional Eating


This session will help you deal with your emotions without food.  Emotions come and go but when we deal with them by comfort eating it leads to regret, disappointment and of course weight gain. This session will help you deal with things with more confidence while maintaining a good relationship with food.


PLUS The Workbook:


There are 4 modules in the workbook to help you with your mindset, motivation, self-esteem and confidence. This workbook will also help you to set up your future goals so that you have something to work towards and feel excited about.


I’ve been listening to the recordings for 4 days and I noticed that I am not drinking coffee anymore – which I was highly addicted to, and my taste buds have changed.  I just don’t like the food I used to like and I find I am eating lots of different but healthier foods.  I’m a lot calmer and I seem to have a lot more time on my hands because I’m not thinking about food all the time like I used to.  I can’t wait to see the results on my body. My mindset feels positive and motivated. Kym, Airlie Beach


Setting your intention and planning your goals is the best way to set yourself up for success in every area of your life. It is a key factor in hypnosis because as you set your goals your unconscious mind can create the images for you to visualize your goals, attach a particular meaning to them, attach a certain emotion to them and will then generate ways to make them happen for you.


By now you will already be on a roll with your weight loss. It’s time to keep the motivation going and get rid of any blockages that have held you back in the past. This module will look at your mindset and help you install positive self talk.


It’s time to feel good and look good.  This module will help you find ways to keep increasing your self esteem and build your confidence. Building self esteem and confidence takes time and you need to keep working on it, so I have put together some checklists to help you, plus some other tools.


I have a thyroid condition and put on weight really easily and struggle to get it back off so I have been holding onto probably 10 kilo’s more than I should be. I have listed to the lapband 5 days a week for 4 weeks and have lost 7 kilos. I can’t believe it. I feel full all the time even though I feel the sensation of being hungry my mind is keeping me on track. I’m drinking more water which I never used to do and in general I feel like I have more energy. Thank you! Liz, Bowen


PLUS Downloadable Journals


  • The weekly measurement journal can be printed off each week and allows you to have a record of your body measurements so you can track your results.


  • The exercise journal is a downloadable check sheet that you can use to record all your exercise and keep up your motivation to keep moving!


  • The walking journal is a downloadable journal so you can track how far you have walked each day and you can record if you walked outside or just on a treadmill.  You can track your progress and use it so that you can keep increasing your distance as you go.


  • The feelings journal is a downloadable journal for you to write down how you feel and what you are eating when you are feeling a particular way so that you can identify for yourself what your emotional triggers are and what foods you are turning to so that you can learn how to do it differently.



How to get the most out of this course


You will get the best results from this program if you listen to the lapband recording everyday for 2 weeks. After that, you can listen to it a few times per week.


After that you can start to listen to the weight loss recording or the relaxation recording alternately.  It is important for your unconscious mind to have repetition of the same suggestions before adding in other sessions.


To get the most out of this program and for long-term weight loss results, you will need to complete the workbook because it is designed to help you consciously and unconsciously integrate the learnings of weight loss habits at a much deeper level.


What results should I expect?


Weight loss is different for everyone but if you do the work as suggested you will get results and based on everyone who has used this program to date most people have lost between 1 – 2 kilos in the first week and then stabilized at 0.5 – 1 kilo thereafter.  Some people have lost between 2 – 3 kilos in their first week. If you do the work you will get results.


This is an instant downloadable program so you once you click the buy now button you can get started.


You can also do Gastric Virtual Lapband Session in the office face-to-face but that does not include the rest of the program.