Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing process and can help you unlock some important information about how and why you do certain things in your life including feelings, thoughts, behaviours, addictions.


Hypnosis is best described as an altered state of mind achieved in a very deep state of relaxation. It’s a natural, healthy state of mind.


It’s the connection between your mind, body and soul. This connection can help people control pain and disease in their bodies and is a very powerful tool. It can help you achieve peak performance through repetition and visualisation of your goals.  


Hypnosis can keep you focused on your goal and can also help you unlock your self-sabotaging behaviour. When you can identify and release self-sabotage, you can achieve anything. This is useful for sports professionals, academics, personal goals, health goals and professional goals.


Some people feel very relaxed and for some people, relaxation is not a state that they really enjoy because they are a busy kind of person. If you can’t experience relaxation it’s ok.


All we really want to do is bypass your critical mind, the negative voice that doesn’t stop talking! Once the critical voice is bypassed we give you hypnotic suggestions for your unconscious mind to visualise and process.


The level of trance is different for each person, and the more you practice hypnosis the better trance level you will reach. However, it is not the level of trance that is important it is what is done during trance that will have the change effect.


What can Hypnotherapy be used for?


• Smoking cessation
• Weight loss
• Motivation
• Improving sleep
• Stress reduction
• Emotional Issues
• Anger management
• Anxiety
• Panic Attacks
• Phobias and Fears
• Getting over a past relationship
• Alcoholism


How long is a Hypnotherapy session?


Each session takes approximately one hour. I schedule separate appointments for each issue although depending on the issues sometimes more than one issue can be addressed in the one session. This would be discussed at the beginning of the session.


Hypnotherapy Is:

  • Safe and there are no negative side effects
  • Inducing a relaxed, calm state of mind
  • A process of instruction and suggestion
  • A pleasant feeling with some emotional and or physical responses or sensations in the body
  • A process of positive change
  • You will be in control the whole time
  • Many people remember and be aware during the process


Hypnotherapy is NOT:

  • Sleep – you won’t fall asleep (otherwise I would be talking to myself!)
  • It is not a method of removing your will or controlling you
  • It is not a way to get you to do something you don’t want to do (You will not quack like a duck!)
  • It is not magic.
  • It is not a device to take over your mind


If you would like to make an appointment for hypnotherapy you can book an appointment online and choose the time and date that suits you best.


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