Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

There are so many options you can choose from if you want to lose weight.

Gaining weight affects your self-esteem and changes how you feel about yourself, others and the world. You may find you start to decline invitations to parties or invitations to go out for dinner simply because you don’t have anything nice to wear, you don’t have anything that fits you or you don’t want to be seen out in public because you fear being judged.


You might start to feel insecure, self-conscious or envious of others. When you feel like this, you even start to assume what other people are thinking about. This all leads to being unhappy but it doesn’t have to be this way.


If it’s just about a number on the scales or being able to fit into a certain dress size then the good news is, it’s really easy. There are thousands of quick fixes that will help you shed weight quickly if you stick them. However, long-term results and keeping the weight off is another issue.


Hypnotherapy Works By Finding The Real Cause


The problem is when it comes to losing weight it’s not about what you’re eating or your lack of motivation. It’s about what’s driving you to eat more than you should or causing you to choose really unhealthy food.


If you think about it, the food is the end result of the problem. So, if you focus purely on depriving yourself of treats, snacks and things that taste good all you’ll do is, at best, lose a heap of weight only to put it on again. At worst, you’ll lose the weight and when you put it back on, you put on even more.


You see if it was just about the food or the taste you could deal with that. What you can’t deal with are the underlying issues that are causing you to overeat. The reason you can’t deal with it is because it’s a really big issue that you don’t believe there’s a good solution to or you simply don’t know what the underlying issue is.


Emotional eating, comfort eating, and binge eating are all addictive behaviors and are unconscious automatic behaviors. If you want to know what the cause is you then Hypnotherapy is your best option. Hypnosis for weight loss is different to the usual approach of dieting.


Hypnosis gives you the mental edge, the mindset that a diet can’t give you. The only thing a diet does for your mindset is reaffirmed “I can’t have….”


Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Works By Addressing:


  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Reactions
  • Actions
  • Decisions
  • Beliefs


Thoughts, Feelings, Actions = Results


Your thoughts drive you to automatically reach for food. You might look in the mirror and say to yourself “OMG I look so fat”. Think about all the chatter that goes on in your mind. I wonder how much of it is positive and encouraging? Your self-talk is essential in keeping on track for the future to keep the weight off.


If you keep telling yourself “I can’t have…” you will end up getting triggered by a situation in your life that causes you to feel pissed off. You’re not going to let anything stand in the way of what you can and can’t have. This is when people end up putting on, even more, weight.


Feelings will cause you to become reactive in situations. Emotions and feelings block your logic and reasoning skills. All you want to do is feel better and soothe yourself. You want comfort and you want it in an instant. You want to go from feeling upset, hurt or frustrated to feeling safe, protected, happy and loved.


Actions and reactions are your choices of behavior. You can be in control and take action towards how you want to be in life, how you want to feel and think or you can react to everything around you and blame everyone else for your unhappiness.


The decisions you make in your life are determined by what your beliefs are. Whatever you believe will either encourage you towards great things in life or they will hold you back. Whatever you believe becomes your truth. In your world, you are 100% right. Your decisions make your beliefs final. Your decisions become the rules you live by.


Hypnosis can help you change how you feel. It can change your emotions so you feel like you are in control.

When you are in control, you change from being reactive to talking action in your life.

When you’re taking action in your life your self-talk is positive and encouraging.

When your self-talk is encouraging your thoughts and beliefs to change so you can start seeing opportunities and possibilities in life instead of limitation.


When you see the possibilities in your life you can make decisions for your future and how you want it to look, feel and experience. And then, this becomes your life.


So, hypnotherapy works for weight loss because it sets the foundation for your success by keeping your mindset positive by showing you opportunities in life. It keeps you moving towards what you want and keeps you believing everything you want in life is possible for you. This sounds like a good time to look at what food is good for you and what changes you want to make for yourself.


You simply can’t make the changes you want to make if you’re feeling emotional, saying negative things to yourself, taking self-sabotaging action and believing that nothing will change or it’s too hard.


Using hypnosis for weight loss gives you self-control.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Works Because It Can Help You:


  • Changing food that you really love into food that you don’t like
  • Automatically choose healthy foods without having to try
  • You can increase your creativity in how you can become more active in your day
  • Change your self-image so it feels good now instead of when you’ve lost weight
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-belief so you feel motivated to do more things you enjoy
  • Learn the unconscious cues your body is giving you for signs of hunger and fullness
  • You can turn your emotions off in less than 3 seconds
  • You can let go of past emotional baggage
  • Reprogram the way you react to emotions
  • Reprogram your strategies (the steps you take to do something) so that you end up doing something else, automatically
  • Reach a calm state of mind and let go of stress and anxiety


There are so many other things you can do with hypnosis but in terms of weight loss, you can even increase the speed of your metabolism so you can burn off calories quicker.


Hypnosis can address the emotional and psychological reasons for weight gain. Everyone has challenges in their life that they’re trying to overcome. With Hypnosis, we can find the source of the problem, no matter how old it is and override it with new coping skills.


Hypnosis provides emotional and psychological healing to old wounds so you can put old stories to rest and start creating new stories.


Hypnosis helps to change the way you think so you can believe what’s possible for you to achieve and it paints a new future for you to step into. It opens your mind to new problem-solving solutions and opportunities. It gives you a new self-confidence that makes you feel good about yourself regardless of your size.


Hypnosis helps you get off the emotional roller coaster and self-sabotaging streaks in your life.


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