Stop Smoking

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Are You Ready to Stop Smoking?

Hey there!

I’m glad you’re here because that means you’re considering the possibility of becoming a non-smoker and doing it in a way that you haven’t done before – relying on your own inner strength and mindset to create a long lasting positive change in your life.

You’re here and  you’re ready to learn more about hypnosis and if it can help you be successful in giving up smoking, but you’re also a little sceptical about the whole thing.

There’s a chance you’ve already tried patches, champix or willpower and not achieved the success you’re craving..

Let me tell you this, if you want to stop smoking for good then you’re in the right place

As you’re reading every word on this page, you may become curious maybe even convinced one way or the other if this is your time to stop smoking for good.

Maybe you’re like the many people I see who have said, “I’ll give up smoking when cigarettes get to $10 a packet… fast forward a few years and they are now $10 a packet… then it’s “I’ll give up smoking when they get to $15 a packet.”

And here you are today spending $50 a packet… Holy shit!

That’s crazy… maybe even insane right?  I know you know there are better ways to spend your hard earned money than on cigarettes but money isn’t the only reason people want to stop smoking.

Let me demonstrate… Do you remember the first time you started to smoke?

Go back to that time now… you were obviously younger… you started smoking for a reason… maybe you wanted to be cool or to belong or it helped you get through a specific tough time in your life… it didn’t cost much back then…

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But… it’s not your fault.

What you didn’t know back then was how addictive the habit would become and how much damage it could do to your body…

Remember back then you could smoke anywhere in hospitals, schools, planes, everywhere and all the cool celebrities were smoking. It was the thing to do and let’s face it almost everyone smoked back then…

Fast forward to today… things have changed so much.  As a smoker you’re isolated,  it’s not cool anymore, it’s not cheap anymore and you’re the minority. You want to stop smoking for so many reasons, but the addiction has taken hold over the years and you feel stuck.

I know you’re intelligent enough to know what smoking does to your body and how it has the potential to shorten your future and I’m sure you’ve thought about that a lot over the years especially when you know so much more now than you ever have before.

Imagine This...

Now, I would like to help you experience the next chapter of your life as a non smoker…

Imagine for a moment…

…. it’s a month from now and you’ve stopped smoking…

…. your health is repairing and you’ll feeling fitter with more energy… 

…. You’ve made your money back for the investment you made to stop smoking…

…. Imagine your life being a non-smoker…

…. You’re living your life exactly the way you want to…

Think about it – Is what you want worth wanting?

Stop and listen to your own thoughts.  Write them down if it’s easier.

Ask yourself what it would really mean to you and I bet money is only one small aspect of what you’re going to recoup by being a non-smoker. It goes much deeper than just money right?

So now you have to choose if the time is now to stop smoking… because if not now.. when?

The question is will you wait until cigarettes go up to $55 a packet or $60 a packet, or when there’s a diagnosis from a doctor giving you an ultimate to stop smoking or it will end your life?

Or will you take action now and book in to quit smoking and start making that money back every week, start rebuilding your health, and ultimately extend your life and the quality of your lifestyle and doing it on your terms?

The fact of the matter is it’s not up to me to convince you to give up smoking now.  The decision is yours to make and yours alone. You have to want the change.

The important thing is that you make a decision and choose the right path for you. Because you could stay where you are or you could create a future by choice.

Maybe you’ll find that you just don’t want to keep putting it off any longer, that you’re ready to do something about this now.

And I’ll be super excited to help you achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker sooner rather than later. Because you know you’ve got more things you want to achieve in your life and everybody wants more time to create memories with their families and their partner.

Now keep in mind I will be working with you every step of the way… and you’ll be surprised to discover just how easy it is to give up smoking by using your unconscious mind to make changes easily and automatically because everyone knows…

It’s all in the mindset and that means when you get your mindset right the rest is history and that includes smoking… it becomes part of your history…

Want more proof… don’t take my word for it here are some reviews from my clients who quit smoking with me:



Hypnosis to Stop Smoking includes a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is used to install positive suggestions into the unconscious mind and install strategies to help clients to stop smoking.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking will help you even if you’ve smoked for years and never tried giving up before.

And it costs much less to stop smoking than it does to continue smoking…

I would like to ask you 

  • How much is it going to cost you to keep smoking?
  • How much have you invested in smoking up until now?
  • What are the benefits you are really willing to invest in?

It’s not up to me to convince you to take care of your health, to live longer, to live better, to save your money instead of investing in cancer and other smoking-related illnesses.

Yes, that may sound harsh but so is death by smoking related illnesses.

Imagine…. what it will feel like when you’ve quit smoking – for good. And what if you started believing in your own ability to make changes in your life, because you can, you can change.

Special Offer Ends Midnight 31st January 2022.
Use COUPON CODE: FB100 to Save $100

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Process

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is done over 2 sessions.

Session 1:  In this session, I’ll be asking you a lot of questions to understand more about your specific smoking history. This helps me understand where, when etc you smoke.  Then I do an assessment of the information and create your hypnosis session plan.

Session 2: This is where the magic happens! In this session you will come to the office, you’ll lay back in the red velvet, soft chair and you’ll listen to the sound of my voice and begin to relax and enter into a trance state.

Your body will relax… your mind will empty and you will simply follow instructions to undo – unlearn the habit…install new coping skills… empower you with the confidence to live your life on your terms..

Soon enough you’ll open your eyes and leave the room as a non-smoker.

I ask you to bring in your cigarettes so we can test everything out at the end of the session.


The Investment

The investment in hypnosis to stop smoking is $500.  And if you’re like most smokers I’ve worked with you will make that money back within a few weeks and then continue to save that money for the rest of your longer, healthier life. 

Click the pink button at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page to book your appointment. See you on the other side!