Hypnosis to stop smoking marijuana


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Marijuana

3 Sessions x $250 each

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Is it time for you to Stop Smoking Marijuana? Great decision!


Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s be honest and say smoking marijuana can provide some pretty good benefits such as:

  • It can make you feel peaceful and calm
  • It can help you relax and unwind
  • Helps you switch off an over-thinking and over-active mind
  • It can make you feel motivated and productive
  • Provides a sense of clarity
  • It can help you focus on one thing at a time
  • It can relieve stress and make you laugh your ass off

hypnosis to stop smoking marijuana


However, for many smokers, those benefits have long passed and now it’s just become a burden. It’s something you have to do to get through your day.  It’s another money pit that creates a dullness instead of euphoria. In other words, it’s an anticlimax.


If you find your life revolving around smoking pot, then you’ll probably agree it’s not much fun anymore. It’s an addictive habit that can drag you and those around you down.


No matter what your argument and beliefs are around smoking pot, one thing is for sure, smoking pot, it’s illegal. If and when you get caught, you’re going DOWN…


But…. here you are, browsing this page called Hypnosis To Stop Smoking Marijuana.  Something’s making you have second thoughts.  And maybe, you’ve been thinking of giving up marijuana for a while now.


Maybe you have a family and you don’t want your kids going down this path or thinking it’s ok to take drugs. Or maybe your job requires that you’re randomly drug tested and you’ve got too much to lose by failing a drug test because it can ruin your whole career and income earning potential.


There are so many reasons to stop smoking marijuana and to put it mildly, if you’re still smoking pot you’re risking a lot in terms of your health, career, relationships and your future.


The good news is if you want to give up marijuana, pot, weed or whatever else you want to call it and haven’t been able to, then I can help.


Let me introduce you to Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Marijuana


Hypnosis is not a trick or a magic pill.  It’s a form of therapy that works directly with your unconscious mind to help you let go of old habits and patterns of behavior.  It allows us to reprogram new strategies, patterns, and habits because of the suggestibility of the unconscious mind.


Maybe you think if you get hypnotized you’ll start quacking around like a duck.  Firstly, that’s not true, but hey, even it if were, let’s face it you’ve probably done worse shit than that when you’ve been wasted…. am I right?!


Hypnosis is a state of mind.  We go through our days in different states and different levels of trance, naturally.  So, it’s not something you haven’t already been doing.


For example, when you’re driving in your car and all of a sudden you reach your destination and you think to yourself, “Wow, I can’t even remember going past “a specific place.”  It means you zoned out.  You were functioning, but you were in a trance.


Hypnosis is brilliant at helping people access the power of their mind to let go of old habits and reprogram new behavior.  You see, habits start out as conscious behavior.  The more we do something, the more unconscious and automatic the behavior becomes.


The trouble is most people try to stop a specific habit by using their conscious mind and willpower.  The conscious mind is logical and critical.  It’s the little voice in your head that says “you can’t do this.”


On the other hand, your unconscious mind is suggestible and it can bypass your critical thinking, it can accept and action new behaviors, new patterns, and habits.  To put it simply, your unconscious mind is the one that will help you kick the habit.


The best part about doing hypnosis with people who smoke weed is they’re already great at going into a trance! I mean, that’s what pot does for you, right?

  • It alters your state so you can feel and think a different way.
  • It alters your perception.
  • It speeds time up or slows it down.
  • It makes you feel more confident in your abilities.
  • It helps you relax and de-stress.
  • It makes you feel inspired, creative and motivated.


Guess what? I can help you do all those things with hypnosis.




Hypnosis to Stop Smoking Marijuana Involves 3 Sessions.


  • Session 1 (1 hour): I need to ask you a lot of questions so I can understand your habit and how it impacts you specifically and then I’ll do your assessment and treatment plan. $250
  • Session 2 (2 hours):  Hypnosis to let go of the habit.  $250
  • Session 3 (2 hours): Hypnosis to reprogram new behavior $250


If there are any underlying issues you may need extra sessions but that would be determined at session one.


What To Do Next…


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