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Hypnosis for weightloss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

I believe that everyone knows how to lose weight. The most basic way to put it is to decrease the input and increase the output.

In other words eat less and exercise more. I am sure that you have heard at least 1000 times that diets don’t work.

The reason diets don’t work is because it means you have to sacrifice many of the foods that you love in order to shed the weight you want to lose and it can take a long time to get a result.

So at some point the benefit of sacrificing outweighs the benefit of losing weight.

When you sacrifice something that you love to eat and you have made a choice that you will no longer eat it because you are “not allowed” it means that you are going Away from what you like.

When you go Away from what you like it means that you have to consciously think about the food that you don’t want in order to know that you don’t want it.

So it’s like don’t think of a Tim Tam don’t think of a Tim Tam don’t think of a Tim Tam. So….. what have you been thinking about?

This is why the yo-yo diets struggle they go away from what they want and then go straight back to it with a vengeance because it has been on their mind for a long period of time.

So what if we took out all the rules and you could eat anything you wanted. Anything at all. How does that make you feel as opposed to knowing that you can’t have things that you like?

The first one puts you in the position of a child and the second part puts you in control as an adult.

So, why don’t we be adults about this and go on this journey together. Let’s make a decision to choose the same decision each day – to shed weight and feel good about ourselves.

Let’s add to that choice that we can eat whatever we want. Now that we have taken out all the rules we need to choose one more thing – to allow our mind to be in control.

To listen to our body to decide when we are full and when we have had enough.

If you could live by that choice to eat by listening to the messages of your body you would only eat when you were hungry and you would stop eating when you were full.

I wonder how many times a day that you eat because you felt hungry? I wonder how many times a day you eat because something looked good?

I wonder how many times a day you eat because you are bored, upset or frustrated? I wonder.

What if you could eat anything you wanted as long as you felt the feeling of hunger in your body?

What if you could eat anything but you chose to eat just a very small portion of it to satisfy yourself?

What if you chose the same choice everyday to stay on this path, everyday? I wonder what would happen.

Wow I think you are just going to achieve what you want to achieve. I think you can just enjoy your life, go out with friends and family for dinners, lunches or breakfast because you have no restrictions.

You could go out and enjoy the atmosphere and still be achieving your goal. You will set up a new lifestyle where you are in charge,

you are in control and simply stay on that same path by choosing the same choice everyday and to shed the weight and feel good about yourself.

Hypnosis focuses on your mindset and connecting your mind and body to understand the same signals and messages.

Emotional eating starts with you and will change when you are ready to reprogram your mind to do something else instead of turning to food.

I believe that once you make a decision you are in the right mind frame to achieve your goal. When you are in the right mind frame it comes easy to stay on your path.

It becomes automatic and a way of life. Think about times in your life when you were achieving your goal and it felt like you were on a roll, maybe it was with your work or a personal goal.

If you are in the right mind frame you will make it happen your way. That’s where hypnosis comes into play.

Hypnosis will keep your mind refreshed and on track. Your mind will open up and generate new options, solutions, skills and resources that are already inside you so you can eat less and feel full and satisfied.

I see many people on a daily basis for hypnotherapy because they are after the “magic pill”. I’ll tell you exactly what I tell them:


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