The Emotional RESET


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Hey there

What I know is that something has happened in your life that is causing you hurt on some level.

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of getting help before?

Then you get busy and talk yourself out of it and maybe even laugh at how silly you were for thinking it was any big deal.

However, it keeps coming back right?

Maybe this stuff comes to mind once a week, once a month or maybe every year?

It causes you to feel overwhelmed, confused, stuck or trapped in the past and in these crappy  emotions.

And worst of all, whatever the situation is, not matter how old it is, you still don’t have closure.

It keeps your thoughts going round in loops over they why… and what ifs….

That’s why I created the Emotional Baggage Reset VIP Day. Just because you’ve been through an emotional experience, it doesn’t mean you need to have a life sentence of misery.

The Emotional Baggage Reset VIP Day is designed to change all that.

I have designed this VIP Day to help you let go of the past emotional baggage so that you can start feeling good about yourself no matter what situation you are in life at the present moment. 

The negative feelings need to come out somewhere – its much better to let that happen in a controlled environment. Otherwise they will eventually come out when you least expect it and that’s not usually pretty.

I will show you how to let go of your emotional baggage from the past including anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, feelings of failure or not feeling good enough.  You will learn the tools to help you move forward in life and grow into the person you want to be and start writing a new chapter for yourself.

The Emotional Reset VIP Day
in 3 Simple Steps

Session 1

Step 1: Identifying the issues that are causing the emotional state you’ve been stuck in. Learn your patterns of behaviour and life challenges.

session 2

Step 2: Let go of negative emotional negative. Reprogram memories. You’ll feel confident in who you are and who you want to be.

session 3

Step 3: Decide What YOU want in life and design a step by step plan on how to get it. You’ll be back in control of your life and outcomes. 

Finally Let Go of the Emotional Baggage:

In Essence You Will:

Let go of the emotional baggage that keeps you repeating the same cycles so you can live free of all the old stuff to make room for the all new opportunities that are waiting for you.

Let go of anger, self doubt and confusion and replace it with self confidence and direction. You will be able to set Boundaries that work for you.

Reprogram negative memories of people or events to free yourself of the past so you can live life on your terms and feel good about who you are.

emotional baggage reset VIP Day session

What to do next

If the Emotional Reset VIP Day is for you, click the button below and book your session. 

Fill out the booking form. 

Get ready to feel like a weights been lifted off your shoulders.

Life is about to get soooo much better and I can’t wait to help you.

I’ll see you soon.