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Drug Addiction – True Story

“I’m crushing morphine tablets and injecting it, can you help me stop?”

Not everyone addicted to drugs is a junkie. Being addicted to drugs doesn’t mean you had bad parents or a bad childhood either. Some stories are different…

About 7 years ago I was walking around the shopping centre taking some time out from work when I received a call. The guy on the other end of the phone sounded vague. He asked if I could help him to stop smoking with hypnosis. I said yes and explained the process involved. He booked an appointment to see me that week.

When he arrived he looked a bit shaggy but was pleasant. He was in his mid 50’s. When he started to talk he said, “I’m not really here to stop smoking”. I asked, “What are you here to do?” He said, ” I want you to help me stop smoking pot (marijuana)”.

I thought about it for a minute and said “alright then, let’s do that”. Then he said, “Actually, I’m not really here to stop smoking pot”.

Ok, now I was intrigued. He didn’t come to stop smoking cigarettes, he didn’t come to stop smoking pot, so why was he here?

“Ok, why don’t you just tell me exactly why you’re here!”

He made me promise and swear I wouldn’t get him in any trouble.

Then he said he had a drug addiction and he needed me to help him to stop crushing and injecting morphine tablets. Woah.

I thought holy shit I’ve never done that before. But I looked at him and thought fuck it, let’s give it a shot. I listened to him explain the process of how and when he does it. I told him he would be the first person I’d ever done this with but I was confident I could help him.

Anyway, I put him into a trance state and started to undo the process he had created. He had been on morphine since he was 10 years old after surviving a horrific car accident that left him bed ridden for a very long time. He was continuously on morphine for the pain. When he was released from hospital, he was already addicted to the drug.

In desperation, he took to the streets to get what he needed and so began his life. 49 something years later here he is sitting in my red recliner chair in a deep trance unconsciously working on the problem he wanted to solve.  The reason he wanted to give up was because he had no visible veins. He was ill and needed medical attention and without finding his veins, he wouldn’t be able to get medical treatment as quickly as the rest of us.

I gave him some practical tips he had to do when he got home.  It all seemed to go well. 2 weeks later I got a call from him. He wanted to know if he could book another appointment.  I was so disappointed. I really thought I got the result he desperately wanted.

I said to him, ” so, it didn’t work then?” he replied, “the problem is it worked too well. I haven’t touched it for 13 days straight. But I did it last night.” I asked what happened last night that made him go back to the habit.

He said, “You gave me the best 13 days if my life. I never thought I would know what life was like without the high. You gave me that, and I’ll be forever grateful. But I lost everything. I lost my friends, my social life and my income (he was selling some of the morphine to supplement his income).  He said no one wanted to come around because “I wasn’t like them anymore.” He said, “I’m too old to start again. If I don’t have my friends what do I have left? I know I can stop now but I don’t know that I can rebuild my life from scratch.”

I asked him, “Why are you calling me today?”  He said, “I want to know if I can come and see you once a month so I can get off it and then go back on it when I want?” I replied “I’m really happy that you experienced life for 13 days without the drug and without the habit but no I won’t see you again. You see, I’m in the business of helping people change, people who want to move forward in their life. You are making a choice to keep this lifestyle because you feel the benefits are too high to let go of.  I appreciate that, but I’m not interested to help you remain drug addicted or to become part of your process.”

I never heard from him again.

After all these years I still think of him and wonder what happened and if he’s still alive.

He didn’t have a drug addiction by choice; it was by circumstance.

If you are addicted to drugs I want you to know you can get off it. You can stop. Drugs don’t control you or own you BUT, it’s going to cost you everything to give the drugs up.

It’s going to cost you a new way of life. It’s going to cost you the friends you associate it with, the chemical high you’ve been living off and it’s going to cost you your pride of asking for help.

Get some help today because there’s so much more to your life. A drug you have taken does not define you. It’s not who you are, it’s something you’ve done. And you’ve done more things in your life than just drugs. If you don’t believe that’s true, then maybe it’s time you did do something else.

A note to parents, partners and friends of people who are trying to help some with a drug addiction, just remember you are not asking them to stop taking drugs, you are asking them to rebuild their life. It takes time, effort, patience and resources.


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Mirella DeBoni

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