Depression Treatment with Hypnosis

Depression Treatment with Hypnosis is highly effective in changing emotions and negative thought patterns so people can gain control of their life.


Depression Treatment

Depression is a common feeling, and it can come and go in stages throughout our lives. It can start when you’re just a child, throughout high school or College and can continue into adulthood. 


Sometimes you may know exactly why you’re feeling depressed and other times you’re just feeling “stuck”.  You don’t understand why you feel this way, and you can’t shake it off.


The problem with feeling depressed is it affects more than just how you feel. It’s hard living with someone who has depression. You know you can’t fix it for them.  You feel helpless because you don’t know what to do for them. No one likes seeing someone they love with suffering from depression.


Here are 10 Causes of Depression:


  • Relationship Issues
  • Struggling Financially
  • Abuse & Trauma in the past
  • Death of a loved one
  • Self-esteem issues & lack of confidence
  • Career path and work environment
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Sexual Issues
  • Loneliness

The causes of depression leave people feeling helpless and they don’t know what depression treatment will work for them or if they even need it.


What I would like to have people understand is there’s a difference between Depression and feeling depressed. 
When you’re feeling depressed, most times, you know exactly why you feel that way. You can just go with it because you know you’ll feel better soon.


Maybe you go out with friends, or go exercise or something and you know you can make yourself feel better if you wanted to. So, situations that make you feel depressed are pretty normal, right?


Now depression, on the other hand, is different – to me. To me, depression is when you feel down, lost and stuck, and you don’t know why.  You don’t know how you came to feeling this way, and you don’t know how long it will take to go away. So, you just feel stuck.


The Problem With Feeling Stuck Is:


  • You don’t know what to do
  • You don’t know how long it will take to go away
  • You don’t know that it will ever go away


And, Then You Start To:


  • You feel like you don’t belong anywhere
  • You don’t want to be seen
  • You don’t want to talk to anyone
  • You don’t want to go out
  • You don’t want to give or receive affection


So, What Do You Do?


  • You cry–alot
  • You hide out
  • You sleep as much as possible
  • You avoid people and places
  • Reach out and talk to someone and get some good old advice:
  • “Come on, Snap out of it!”
  • “You’ll be right”
  • “Just get over it”
  • “Smile, it’s not bad”
  • “You just need to sleep it off”
  • “You need to go out and meet people”
  • “You need to join a group or get a hobby”


Ahhh and wouldn’t that be great to just “get over it?” It’s like OMG I’ve never thought about just “getting over it”. 
Can I say how freaking annoying it is to hear someone give that advice especially on something they just don’t understand. And let’s face it, you don’t understand it completely yourself. 


So, even though these people are trying to make you feel better, you can actually walk away feeling a little bit more deflated. 
You spend your time feeling like crap knowing that no-one else understands what is going on with you. And that familiar feeling of not belonging, feeling empty and feeling lonely gets stronger.


When you are stuck with feelings of depression, it is a lonely road. Even with a room full of people or someone laying in bed beside you, you can still feel isolated and alone.


And Here’s The Problem For You:


You’re waiting for “it” to go away. Just waiting. Maybe even dreaming about the done it’s gone. Imagining what life could be like if only you didn’t feel this way. You could see yourself doing more, being more and having more in life. So how is waiting for “it” to go away a problem? 
You have handed over your power to ……. Nothing and no- one.


A pill is not going to change that fact that you are getting divorced, have been abused, have financial struggles, the loss of a loved one. It’s going to take YOU. You are the magic pill here. You are the one who is going to make “it” go away.


The second problem is you don’t know how to make it go away and I bet would say “Mirella, I have tried everything and if I could make it go away I would”. And I believe you too, I’m sure you have tried everything that DIDN’T work for you and then you stopped trying.


It’s not your fault. But you need to keep looking for the right answers because you know what?…….. Your life wasn’t meant to be like this. You were born to have a great life, to enjoy it and to feel good about yourself.


Why Should You Listen To Me?


My name is Mirella DeBoni and I am a 3-time #1 International Best Selling Author of the Dear Depressed Entrepreneur Series, Relationship Counselling Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer amongst other things.
 I help people every day to deal with their depression and here’s how depression treatment works: 

  • I talk with them and listen to their story so that I can truly understand how it feels for THEM. I don’t guess or assume I know what they feel or what they are going through I get them to talk about it.
  • I analyse the information they give me, and then I explain how they got to this point in their life and where it started for them.
  • Then I help them change their emotions and shift the emotional baggage that they have accumulated over the years that is all stored in their mind and in the heart that has blocked them from moving forward and kept them feeling stuck.
  • Next I change their mindset and help them change their perspectives.
  • I teach them how to feel good and how to change from one mood to another on purpose so that they are in control.
  • I teach them how to move forward without the depression.


Woman feeling relief after depression treatment with hypnosis

How Does Depression Treatment With Hypnosis Feel?


You know, I ask my clients this same question every time: “How would you know the problem is gone?” and here are some of the common answers to that question:

  • I’ll feel like a big weight’s been lifted off my shoulders
  • I’ll feel like the big black cloud has gone away
  • I’ll feel clear in my mind
  • I’ll have a direction in my life
  • I’ll start making plans to live my life and enjoy my days
  • I’ll feel free and calm
  • I’ll feel like I want to do things
  • I’ll feel in control of my life
  • I’ll feel good about myself


How does that sound to you?

I know it sounds awesome and the best part about this is it’s not just “I hope I can get rid of depression” it’s a process and plan on how to shift and change your mindset, your feelings, your behaviour and your outcomes.


Depression Treatment


How do you know I can help you?


Good question. I can help you because this is my greatest passion. Every year I travel worldwide to learn new strategies, skills, trainings and certifications so that I am up to date with the latest information to help people like you. The biggest thing with helping people is you need to be passionate, you need to keep studying and learning and most importantly you Need To Know Your Sh*t.


I help people every day with depression. I have a system, and I have a common goal with the client. The goal is to help them get past depression and gain the control back in their life.  That means they can have better relationships, feel confident about themselves, learn new coping skills so that they can be free to live their life.


My Depression Treatment System Includes:


  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


These 3 Therapies Combined Create a Very Powerful Depression Treatment Process That Will Help You:


  • Pinpoint how you started feeling this way
  • Pinpoint Your emotional reactions
  • Pinpoint Your Self-Talk that has kept you locked into 
this way of feeling, thinking and reacting
  • Retrain your feelings
  • Retrain your thoughts
  • Retrain your behaviours


And then you will have your life back. You will feel free just like a big weight’s been lifted off your shoulders. Can you imagine how that would feel for you? Imagine a day where you wake up feeling good knowing the whole day is ahead of you filled with new opportunities that are yours for the taking.


Want to know more about depression treatment with Hypnosis?

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