Married in Business Coaching

Married in Business Coaching

Better Marriage better business

Better Marriage – Better Business Program


  • Are you married AND running a business with your husband/wife?
  • Are you struggling to keep work at work and home at home?
  • Are you finding that arguments are building and it feels like there is no escape?
  • Are you feeling resentful and unappreciated for everything you do in the business and at home?


I’m sure you know from experience, when you’re married and running a business together your marriage needs to be extra strong to withstand the stress that comes from all directions.


In these circumstances, the pressure can be enough to make even the strongest of marriages crack. And for that simple reason, I set about developing a program to help people just like you to get out of the rut so you can start enjoying your days.


The pattern I have found in working with married couples in business is generally they’re successful in their business but the toll it’s taken on their marriage and relationship has created a negative cycle. It’s been described as an emotional rollercoaster – some days it’s bearable and other days someone is wanting out. Sadly, this is very common. People feel stuck, trapped and resentful. And more to the point, they don’t know how to make it better.


Consequently, that’s the reason why I created my Signature System –  The Better Marriage – Better Business Program. Not only is it possible to have a loving, intimate relationship with your partner at home it’s also possible to learn new strategies that will help you work together as a team and build a more enjoyable and profitable business.


My signature system is not found anywhere else because I created this program from 14 years as a Marriage Counsellor, working with couples and identifying their pain points and more specifically how to resolve them.


In combination with my background as a Business Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer I have created the content and these strategies to help you:

  • Resolve ongoing conflict in your marriage that keeps coming up
  • Help you create clear roles, responsibilities in your business so you know what to do and what is expected of you
  • Uncover your vision for the future and how to get there together so you’re on the same page
  • To help you let go of past emotional baggage that stops you moving forward, forgiving and letting go of issues from the past so you really can move forward and begin to love and respect each other more deeply


And that means you can ultimately have a Better Marriage and Better Business and that’s what I want for you.


In essence, this program is a combination of counselling around life issues and your marriage– NLP for strategy and mindset shifts on money, business structure and handling emotional issues. It is a mix of content, education, strategy and process.


It is suited for couples who believe in and value personal development and growth, and are looking for solutions and strategies to create a Better Marriage and Better Business together.


Below Are the Major Highlights of This Program:


Clarity, Vision and Goal Setting


  • Create a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve in your life and business to make sure you’re on onboard and heading in the same direction
  • Define your purpose and your motivation for this vision
  • Clarify and understand what your end game is long term
  • Create goals that you would like to achieve in your marriage together




  • How to talk with each other about what is really bothering you
  • Identify your conflict resolution style so you can work through situations with a solution focused approached of win/win
  • How to let go of negativity (resentment, anger, stress) and emotional baggage so you can believe in your partner and have realistic expectations
  • How to work through the problem to reach a solution where you are both content with the outcome
  • The ability to identify and meet each others needs as a couple and as an individual


Work/Life Balance


  • How to leave work at work and home at home
  • How to enjoy each others company and feel supported inside the business and outside the business
  • Learn how to relax and switch off your mind from overthinking things so you can create a calming environment


Love & Intimacy


  • Refreshing the love and intimacy in the marriage to create a closer, loving bond
  • How to balance sex drives when one has a higher drive than the other
  • Understanding your partners needs and wants and your role in the marriage
  • How to accept the other person – faults and all without resentment or judgment
  • Quality time
  • Building a stronger connection


Money Mastery 


  • Learn your money archetype (personality traits) and how it affects you, your partner & your business
  • Identify your relationship with money and how it affects your personality
  • How to set and achieve a particular money goal together


Time Management 


  • Learn which areas of your personal and business life are leaking your energy
  • How to become more productive to finish tasks and projects so you have more time for yourself


Personal and Business Branding 


  • Learn your personal brand that you bring to the business and how and why you attract certain types of clients and customers. This information is valuable for your marketing, for your customer service and for attracting more of the right people in your business.
  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses so you can do more of what’s working and let go of the things that are costing you time and money
  • Discover how to attract more customers by appealing to their “type”
  • Learn how to stop attracting the same types of drama in your life and how you can handle it differently


To recap, this content is designed with you in mind. To help you understand yourself and your partner and apply this knowledge to your business as well as your marriage.  And I’ll show you how. I’ll equip you with the information, tools and strategies so you can simply rinse and repeat to achieve the results of a better marriage and better business.


That’s a brief overview of the program however I also tailor the program to take into account the goals you would like to achieve. The time frame is 6 months with fortnightly sessions


Will this work if your partner does not join the Better Marriage – Better Business program?


If you decide to join this program on your own yes it will work for you.


You will learn a lot about your relationship and how you can make changes that will benefit both of you, but it will be up to you to share this information with your partner. So, yes it can still work beautifully and if at some point your partner wanted to join in they are more than welcome.


The Next Step


I don’t have to convince you if this is for you. If this sounds like something of value to you and you’d like to discuss if Better Marriage – Better Business is the right fit for you just click here to make an appointment or call me on 0418 203 450.


Please note : This program is not for everyone it is designed for people who value self education, self discovery and are solution focused people who want to grow.

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