Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss


If you’re struggling with weight loss and haven’t been able to lose the extra kilos don’t worry you’re not alone.  Different things work for different people. You may know people who have dropped weight with the Keto diet or paleo or one of the other many diets.


One thing is the same for everyone who has success with weight loss – changing their mindset.  When you’re in the right mindset everything feels easy and automatic. I can help you lose weight with the Hypnotic Gastric Lapband.


Hypnosis for weight loss induces a trance state, which is like daydreaming. You’re awake and aware of where you are and what you’re doing. During the trance state, we focus your attention on the issues you want to resolve – to lose weight loss, increase motivation for exercise, be more active, choose the right foods.


During the trance state you will access your unconscious mind to make changes in your mindset so you can:

  • Lose weight
  • Feel motivated to exercise
  • Become more active
  • Drink more water
  • Choose the right healthy foods
  • Eat less and feel satisfied
  • Beel more Confident in yourself


You can expect to lose weight in the first week and steadily progress with your weight as long as you are holding onto the suggestions given.


Benefits of Hypnosis For Weight Loss:


  • Helps you to develop a positive mindset
  • You don’t need to take any pills or shakes
  • Boosts your self-esteem & confidence
  • You’ll feel more motivated
  • You’ll see results quickly
  • There are no side effects
  • There are no weekly or monthly fees


The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Lapband


In this session you are taken step-by-step through the Gastric Lapband Mind Surgery.  The Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Lapband retrains your mind to become satisfied with eating much smaller food portion sizes so you feel full by eating less.


It helps you gain control of your eating habits by choosing healthier food choices.   It changes the way you think about food leading to the weight loss you desire.


It will focus on your mindset to build your confidence, to motivate you to be more active and drink more water.


Because when you’re in the right frame of mind it becomes easy to stay on your path. It becomes an automatic way of life to eat less feel full and satisfied. And to shed weight and feel confident and boost your self-esteem.


  • What if … you only ate when you actually felt hungry?
  • What if… you could eat anything you wanted but you chose to eat just a very small portion and could still feel satisfied?
  • What if… you could choose the same choice everyday automatically?


That’s’ right… You’re going to achieve what you want to achieve with your weight loss goals. You can just enjoy your life, go out with your friends and family for dinners, lunches or breakfast because you have no restrictions.


After this hypnosis for weight loss session you will begin to eat much less and feel full and satisfied. You will start choosing healthier food because you feel compelled to make different choices – it’s great!


This session is an hour and a half and the results are amazing with people reporting they are losing between 1 – 2 kilos per week in the first few weeks, before settling on a gradual weight loss of between .5 – 1kg per week thereafter.


I know you’re reading this page for a reason. You’re looking for some help that can kickstart how you feel about yourself from where you are to where you want to be.


And my advice is if you really feel that way, make a commitment and get started. Don’t wait any longer because time will go on and these are your days and should be enjoying them.


You should be feeling good about yourself, feeling proud of who you are, feeling good about being seen in public and if you don’t then do something about it now. Because this is something you can do it’s something you achieve.


If you’re struggling with losing weight and you want to get started, the right way – with your mindset, book an appointment online for hypnotherapy for weight loss and reap the rewards of losing weight easily.


Hypnosis for weight loss sessions are $195 per session and each session is one and a half hours.


The Hypnotic Gastric Virtual Lapband PROGRAM for weight loss is also available for instant download and is not just one session it is a full program. This will be available in the store tab soon. If you can’t see it you can just ask and I will send you the link.


Some people do both – the session in the office to get them started and then the program at home for maintenance.  It’s up to you do to choose the level and help and support you would like on your weight loss journey.


If you have any questions you can also read our FAQ Hypnotherapy page.

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