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Assertive Anger Management

Assertive Anger Management

What is Assertive Anger? Assertive Anger Management is a communication tool used to resolve conflicts in a way that is productive and respectful to everyone

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4 Ways to Apologise to your partner

4 Ways To Apologise

Benefits When You Apologise There are many benefits to your relationship when you can apologise and acknowledge you’re upset your partner. But let’s be real

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The Art of An Apology In A Relationship

The Art of An Apology

The Art of An Apology in A Relationship We all make mistakes, especially in our relationships. We hurt the people we love by breaking promises,

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steps to resolve an argument

9 Steps to Resolve An Argument

How To Resolve an Argument Unfortunately, when you’re in a long term relationship the chances of arguments occurring are pretty high. Having arguments isn’t a

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4 types of jealousy

4 Types of Jealousy

4 Types of Jealousy Jealousy is a terrible feeling and it can hurt a relationship.   You can learn more in this post about the

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How to stop feeling jealous

How To Stop Feeling Jealous

5 Steps to Stop Feeling Jealous Jealousy Jealousy is a normal human emotional response when you feel inferior or insecure by someone getting attention from

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One last chance in a relationship

One Last Chance

The BS Of The One Last Chance in a Relationship Relationships can be amazing.  They can make you feel loved, safe and secure. But that’s not

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4 Stages of a Relationship

4 Stages of a Relationship

4 Stages of a Relationship Everything in life changes, nothing stays the same and that includes a relationship. From the moment we are conceived we

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When a relationship ends

When a Relationship Ends

When a Relationship Ends There is an assumption when you fall in love with someone you will stay with them forever. When a relationship ends

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relationship success tips

Relationship Success Tips

Relationship Success Tips Relationship success tips are not a secret formula. I’ve been a Relationship Specialist for 14 years. I’ve counselled so many couples that

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personality differences relationship counselling

Personality Differences

Personality Differences in Your Relationship Opposites attract for many reasons and the differences in each person’s personality can make or break a relationship. The personality

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