Stop Emotional Eating & Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy to lose weight

Do you want to stop Emotional Eating and get off the yo-yo dieting approach to weight loss?  Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you gain control of your emotions so you can eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. Instead of eating to block out the emotions, hypnotherapy can train your mind to let go of the emotions without food. Are You An Emotional Eater?  Do you eat when you’re: bored frustrated lonely

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Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder Symptoms

woman with narcolepsy sleep disorder

Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder Signs & Symptoms     Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder   Sleeping is something you need to do everyday. While you sleep your body cycles through stages of NREM and REM. NREM is when your body kicks in to self -repair mode and starts to heal wear and tear on your body. REM is when you dream.   Sleeping helps you recharge and refresh yourself for the next day. For some it’s as easy

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Hypnosis For Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs Morphine

Drug Addiction – True Story “I’m crushing morphine tablets and injecting it, can you help me stop?” Not everyone addicted to drugs is a junkie. Being addicted to drugs doesn’t mean you had bad parents or a bad childhood either. Some stories are different… About 7 years ago I was walking around the shopping centre taking some time out from work when I received a call. The guy on the other end of the phone

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Give Up Smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis to stop smoking

Give Up Smoking  Hypnosis is one of the most popular modalities to help people to give up smoking. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s effective and it’s painless. Hypnosis is a set of instructions that are designed to work with your unconscious mind so that you let go of the habit easily and effectively.   Relaxation helps your mind focus and concentrate on the instructions and well; it just feels good to feel relaxed doesn’t it?!

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The Simple and Powerful Tool Of Self Hypnosis

self Hypnosis

    Self Hypnosis Helping You Stay On Track     Self hypnosis can help you improve your life by controlling the outcomes you want to achieve.  Self Hypnosis is not meditation, psychotherapy, relaxation or sleep.     It is a safe experience that allows you to see and experience situations in a new way. It allows you to rehearse in your mind the results you want to achieve in your relationships,career, personal life and

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Have You Already Been Hypnotized Without Even Knowing It?

Woman Treated with Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

What Happens When You Are Hypnotized? People always ask me “what does it feel like to be hypnotised?” In some ways hypnosis is similar to sleep. Hypnosis is very relaxing. But unlike sleep you never completely lose awareness during hypnosis. While hypnotized you are able to respond to things going on around you. Although hypnosis is usually done with eyes closed to facilitate concentration and imagination it also can be done with the eyes open.

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