6 Things You Need To Know About Introducing Your New Partner To Your Kids

Right time to introduce your new partner

    When Should You Be Introducing Your New Partner To Your Kids?     Going through a divorce is an emotional time. The grief period starts while you’re still in the marriage.  Too many people stay in the marriage way after it’s already expired.  Most will say they stayed for the kids sake and that’s not entirely true.     Most people stay in the marriage out of fear of the unknown. They stay

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Your Kids Don’t Need To Like Your Partner

When Your Kids Don't Like Your Partner

    When Your Kids Don’t Like Your Partner   When you meet someone who has children and you want to get to know them, dating them isn’t so easy. You don’t get to date them as you would a single person with no children. You must date the whole family right from the beginning.     It makes it a bit difficult when you are barely know the person in the first place but

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Are You A Macca’s Dad?

are you a maccas dad?

    Are You A Macca’s Dad?   What Kind Of Dad Are You? Are You The Kind Of Dad Who: Helps their kids with their homework? Watches their sports games on the weekends? Play games with your kids? Do you talk to your kids? Listen to them?   There Are Several Kinds Of Dads: The Disciplinary The Disciplinary Dad notices all the things the kids do wrong and points them out. They criticize and

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Unhappy But Staying Together For The Kids?

Staying Together For The Kids Sake

  Are You Staying Together For The Children?   You’re married. You’re unhappy. But, you can’t leave because you don’t want to do it to your kids.    You would rather stay in the marriage, feeling unhappy, unloved and unsatisfied rather than taking the leap to leave the marriage. And you tell yourself you will only stay until the children leave home. Seriously, who do you think you’re kidding?   You’re staying together in the marriage

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