Assertive Anger Management

Assertive Anger Management   What is Assertive Anger? Assertive Anger is the ability to resolve conflicts in a way that is productive and respectful to everyone concerned.  It means you are talk about the situation that has caused disharmony without intentionally hurting other peoples feelings.   Assertive anger is the middle ground when it comes to anger.     There Are 3 Types of Anger:   Aggressive Anger Assertive Anger Passive Aggressive Anger Aggressive anger can

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Signs & Symptoms of Aggressive Anger

Aggressive Anger Management     What Is Aggressive Anger?   Aggressive Anger is the most hostile and powerful display of anger. The intention behind aggressive anger is to cause harm or inflict danger or violence against another person. Sometimes this type of anger is a build up of frustrations resulting in an explosion of anger and aggression. There doesn’t need to be a reason for a person with aggressive anger to explode.   Aggressive anger

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Passive Aggressive Anger

woman being passive aggressive after an argument

Passive Aggressive Anger Management   What is Passive Aggressive Anger? Everyone feels anger. The intensity may vary and way anger is expressed may be different but everyone has the ability to feel anger. Anger management can help you learn different ways of reacting when you feel angry or frustrated. Passive Aggressive Anger is one way to express anger.   The meaning of Passive Aggressive Anger is non-verbal aggression. Non verbal means you will feel angry

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