Mastery Program

About The Program

Discover How to Let Go Of Self-Sabotage with Money & Empower Yourself to Up-level your Life – relationship- Business or Career.

Do you know what stops people from getting want they want, being who they want to be or doing what they want to do in life?

If you’re interested in creating a positive shift in your relationship with money and all the ways it plays out in your life or business, this opportunity is for you:

It isn’t motivation, spirit or drive, it’s their relationship with money.


Because money is at the heart of every decision you make in your life, your business or your career.


Do you find yourself in any of the situations:

  • You work hard, but your income isn’t growing. It’s like you’re trading in your health and well-being taking care of everyone else (even to the point of getting resentful and exhausted).
  • You hold to an ideal that “money doesn’t matter” – but you end up paying a lot of attention to getting your bills paid and just plain worrying about money.
  • You’re earning well, but savings? … not so much. Spending makes you feel good, but your bank account isn’t happy.
  • Or, you find no matter how much you’ve earned and saved, the sense of security isn’t there.
  • You don’t trust money will be there for you when you need it.
  • When it comes to money conversations with family, clients, the bank, or whoever, you often feel uncomfortable, tension, or avoidance – rather than confidence, ease, and empowerment.
  • Let me assure you, you’re not alone!


But the good news is, money doesn’t have to be a struggle. It might surprise you to hear that money is an amazing facilitator … a transformer … a force for good.  And it might really surprise you to hear that this attitude is not just for people with lots of money. It’s for people who choose the path to money mastery.

Which is why I’m excited to introduce my new coaching program: Money Mastery.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up business owner, corporate employee or professional, this program is about giving you the tools for up-leveling your life, your business or your career, and setting you on the path to money mastery.


The Money Mastery Program is for you if…..

  • You want an easy-to-use system to confidently get past your money blind spots, so you can make powerful financial decisions in your personal life, your business or career.
  • You appreciate the time-savings of a proven system that creates immediate and lasting, transformation for yourself.
  • You want the tools to get yourself unstuck from any money issues that arise in your personal and business life.
  • You’re fed up! You‘re ready to end inner conflict and stress around money.
  • You want to know what to do and what to say when someone you care about is “pushing your money boundaries”.
  • You’ve been hungry for a lasting transformation with money!


In this program you’ll experience a deep, profound, lasting transformation.  The shift and transformation always starts with you. When you learn how you are doing money, what is driving you towards it and away from it you will become more financially independent.

You will experience the freedom money mastery can provide.


What is The Money Mastery Program?

While your relationship with money is as unique as you are, there are patterns or themes that possess a universal quality. Which means it is critical that you discover your money strengths, along with your money shadow-side, so you stop wasting your energy trying to fit yourself into a box of what you think you “should” do money-wise, and instead empower yourself with money, on the spot.

I’ll coach you in the following modules in this exclusive program…


Module  #1  Discover Your Money Personality Type

  • Discover YOUR Money Personality and unlock what makes YOU tick when it comes to money.
  • Solve the riddle of how you’re going to move beyond (far beyond) your current money story and into the kind of financial empowerment you can bank on.
  • Discover the most profitable actions you can take to increase your income today to secure your financial future.
  • Learn how to apply the power of your Personal Money Contract (yes, you have one … EVERYONE does!) to your business or your life, so you can transform your ideas in to financial success in big, meaningful and exciting ways.


Module #2 Remove Resistance to More Money

  • Your Money Personality holds the key to removing any resistance to making more money, clearing the path for you to achieve financial success, knowing you deserve it.
  • Discover the 4 Pillars of Money Empowerment so you can melt away ANY resistance, internal conflict, confusion, doubts or fears preventing you from surging forward toward your goals.
  • Empowering Your Boundaries: Discover how to apply the strengths of your Money Personality with ANYONE and in ANY money situation so you can stop chipping away at your self-esteem and instead start confidently and respectfully standing in your power.
  • Empowering Your Actions: Get handed a checklist of practical actions unique to your Money Personality Type, that you can start doing immediately to eliminate self-sabotage, use your time more effectively and clean up the money habits that are keeping you stuck where you are.
  • Empowering Your Voice: Learn simple ways to discuss money in life’s most important situations, such as with your spouse and family, or with clients, so you stop discounting your worth and speak from a place of inner confidence, owning your value.
  • Empowering Your Integrity: Learn simple but powerful strategies to melt away any inner conflict and eliminate emotional triggers such as guilt, shame or blame from your life for good, freeing you to take aligned action in every area of your life and business.


Module #3 Discovering Your Financial Life Purpose

  • Create unstoppable alignment between who you are and the income you are destined to make.
  • Map out a personal plan that empowers you to take aligned financial action today and beyond, to generate greater income while fulfilling your purpose and honoring what you value most.
  • Use this powerful template to solve common business challenges and help you confidently make important decisions, easily, with clarity ad confidence
  • Sometimes we need a tremendous amount of permission to feel free to move forward. Knowing your Financial Purpose gives you this permission to thrive and succeed in life and business.


Module #4 Solving the Time and Money Trap Most People & Entrepreneurs Unconsciously Fall Into

  • Learn the 8 key areas that make up your life and business and which Money Personality Type “leads” each area, improving your personal life and freeing you up to run your business more effectively.
  • Stop blaming or faulting yourself for not being awesome at everything in life and in business (it’s not possible) and get practical ways to “get it all done”.
  • Learn how to use your Money Personality Type to get control of your time.
  • In these powerful modules, I’ll coach you each step of the way, helping you get greater clarity and supporting you in taking action in alignment with your goals, purpose and priorities.
  • Let’s take a look at all you get with this program.


The Money Mastery Program includes:

  • A Private VIP Day working one on one with me
  • Plus 2 follow up sessions
  • I will personally coach you through the modules to give you context that fits your unique situation
  • Assignments to work through at home to implement what you have learnt
  • Your Money Archetype Personality Content Cards
  • Downloadable handouts, checklists & templates you will use again and again to support you on the path to mastering both the spiritual and practical aspects of money.
  • Personalised action step assignments, designed to help you apply what you are learning so it really “sticks”.
  • We will cover your money goals
  • Reset your money speedometer
  • How to plug money leaks
  • And design your Money Blueprint


By now you’re probably asking, “this sounds exciting, but what’s my investment?”

I’ll answer that in just a second, I promise. First, let me ask you a question:


Considering MONEY is at the heart of every decision you make …

  • If you were to break through your fears about money, eliminating any doubts that are holding you back, what would be possible for you in your personal life, business or career?
  • If you could dramatically up level your sense of your value, so you were playing big in your life and in your business, how would that make a difference for you?
  • Knowing that money influences every aspect of your life and business, are you willing to invest in yourself and transform your relationship with money, once and for all?


And … Are you ready to make some changes and empower yourself with the tools, knowledge and strategies to change your relationship with money, let go of your money blocks and let money into your life?


Great because I would love to help you. The investment in this program is $1497.00


To recap this is what you will get:

  • A Private VIP Day working one on one with me
  • Plus 2 follow up sessions
  • I will personally coach you through the modules
  • Assignments to work through at home to implement what you have learnt
  • Your Money Personality Type Content
  • Downloadable handouts, checklists & templates you will use again and again to support you on the path to mastering both the spiritual and practical aspects of money.
  • Personalised action step assignments, designed to help you apply what you are learning so it really “sticks”.


And overall you will achieve better relationship with money that will help you set up the lifestyle you’re ready for.  If you’re interested in Money Mastery Program then click the link to make a booking and let’s get started!