The Startup Business Coaching Program Outline


Startup business coaching program with Mirella DeBoni


Who is this program for?


This program is perfect for Solopreneurs, self-help industries, healing, and wellness or serviced based business who want to take “that thing that they do” and turn it into a profitable business.  If you want to establish your presence online and offline but not sure where to start then read on….


Option #1 The Startup Business Coaching Program – Done With You


  • Deciding on your business – Vision – goals – brainstorming skills etc in this session we pull everything you already know and work out what can be profitable from that.
  • Planning Session – This is where we plan your daily activities so you know exactly what you need to do each day to grow your business and reach your income goals
  • Profit Pyramid (maps out how to make the money goal happen and what you need to create at each price point) Shows you what you need to create to earn the money you want in your business
  • Niche & Ideal Client – finding out the details of your niche market so that you can find them, connect with them and grow your tribe
  • Branding with Archetypes – This assessment will work out what your brand is, what experience you are giving your clients, what keywords you need to use to attract your clients for blogs posts etc
  • Signature System – this is where I teach you how to put together your own signature system program with what you know and what you want to teach your clients
  • Lead Magnet – in this session you will design your lead magnet and have a system to create more in the future so that you can give something to people to join your list
  • Charge what they are worth – this is where you will learn how to price your programs and how to sell them


What Else Do You Need To Know


Basically, this sets up your whole business and you will get the templates and everything so you just need to rinse and repeat these processes.


The Startup Business Coaching Program is what I offer to help people in the self-help, healing industries, and online service based industries to take what they have learned and turn it into a business online. I’ve been on this road for many years earning multiple figures. You have access to me and we can talk anytime you feel stuck or want feedback.


The Startup Business Coaching Program is a done-with-you program with mentoring so it is all done face to face or on Skype. We do the modules together so it is tailored to your business.


OPTION #2 – The Startup Business Coaching Program – DONE FOR YOU


The option is all DONE FOR YOU.


This is what I’m offering for people who want to start their own business but don’t have enough time to setup up the foundation:


  • Create a website in line with their Brand
  • Create 4 Blog posts that are SEO optimized with the sales strategy installed (everything has a strategy)
  • Choose and upload the blog post images and SEO code them
  • Creating all the social media platforms so that they are ready to sync with your blog posts and marketing plan
  • Write a lead magnet (opt-in), design the cover with your brand theme and load it on your website
  • Create the thank you letter for your opt-in with the download link for your clients to access
  • Edit your About Page, Home Page, Work With Me Page
  • Share your posts across social media platforms


Also Included


The Startup Business Coaching Program also includes  a VIP Day, which we would do over 2 half days or one full day to write your program to sell


I will take you through the process of writing your Program that you will be selling in your business.


During the VIP Day, I take you through a process and you will write your program on the day. I will help you throughout the day to keep you on track and make sure that you have the right amount of content and steps in your program to get the outcome for your clients.


Then I will take your draft and clean it up, pump it up and add in templates and handouts. It will be branded with your colors and theme and handed back to you and ready for sale.

In the VIP day, you can decide if you want it set up as a membership site or if you want to send it out as an ecourse in one PDF. There are so many ways to deliver your program and we will work out the best way for you.


The best thing about this is that while you are going through your coaching with me, I am working on these things in the background while you are at work!


It will feel like it’s your own website and you have done it yourself. Once I have uploaded everything onto the website you can edit and change anything you like. I only ask you to leave the changes until I have finished and handed it over to you otherwise it’s too hard to get it finished.


By the end of the Startup Business Coaching Program, you will be in business and ready to rock your income. You just need to maintain these pieces in the future. I will give you a plan on how to do that.


You have the final say in everything once it has been uploaded on the website. I will ask your input too so you feel you are apart of the process but I will do all the grunt work.


What to do next


Book a consultation and tell me more about your business.  Let’s see if this program suits your needs and how I can help you specifically.


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