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  • Are you married AND running a business with your husband/wife?
  • Are you struggling to keep work at work and home at home?
  • Are you finding that arguments are building and it feels like there is no escape?


When you are married and running a business together your marriage needs to be extra strong. Having a loving relationship can be difficult because of all the responsibilities that you’re sharing.  However, when you add in all the responsibilities of running a business together too, well, the pressure can be enough to make even the strongest of marriages crack.


That’s why I have designed the program Better Marriage – Better Business.


This program is designed specifically for couples who have a business together and are sharing almost every aspect of their lives together. As you’d be aware of the crossover between work and home life and business relationships and personal relationships.


This program is designed to work through communication issues, how to talk about problems and resolve them and addressing any underlying emotional issues (resentment, hurt, disappointment etc).


Benefits For Your Marriage:


  • How to talk with each other about what is really bothering you
  • How to work through the problem to reach a solution where you are both content with the outcome
  • The ability to identify and meet each others needs as a couple and as an individual
  • How to leave work at work and home at home
  • How to enjoy each others company and feel supported inside the business and outside the business
  • Refreshing the love and intimacy in the marriage to create a closer, loving, bond
  • How to accept the other person – faults and all without resentment or judgment
  • How to let go of negativity and emotional baggage so you can believe in your partner and have realistic expectations
  • Learn how to relax and switch off your mind from over thinking things so you can create a calming environment
  • Learn who you are in the relationship and the action-reaction cycle and how to stop it now


Benefits For Your Business:


  • Learn your business archetype and how it affects you, your partner, your staff & your business
  • Learn the sacred energy of money
  • Identify your relationship with money and how it affects your personality
  • How you do money is how you do everything – learn your money type
  • How to set and achieve a particular money goal
  • Learn which areas of your personal and business life are leaking your energy and money
  • Discover how to attract more customers by appealing to their “type”
  • That is a brief overview of the program. The time frame is 6 months with fortnightly sessions


Better Marriage – Better Business BONUSES:


The bonus that you receive with this program is that you are able to have free counselling sessions during this 6-month program when you need it. (value $1,490)


The other bonus is that our program is flexible, to take into account business and personal travel etc.  Appointments are made when it’s suitable for you. If you miss an appointment we reschedule (it is not lost or forfeited) (Value: Peace of mind!)


Will this work if your partner does not join the Better Marriage – Better Business program?


If you decide to join this program on your own yes it will work for you. You will learn more about yourself and how you do money and how you do business.


You will learn a lot about your relationship and how you can make changes that will benefit both of you, but it will be up to you to share this information with your partner. So, yes it can still work beautifully and if at some point your partner wanted to join in that would not be a problem.


The people who have joined this program are people who are successful in either business or in the marriage but generally not at the same time. These people have decided they really want to do something together as a couple AND have support for themselves in the process.


The Next Step


Click here to Book a consultation to see if Better Marriage – Better Business is the right fit for your needs.


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