Is Your Relationship Healthy or Terminally Ill?

marriage counselling

  Is Your Relationship dying a slow death? Not all relationships are full of love, sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. Some relationships are plain ugly and self-destructive. Love can make you put up with a lot of things. Relationships are a lot like health and wellbeing, sickness and disease. They can change from loving and affectionate to loveless and lifeless. The relationships health has been infected by something. Would to get to the bottom of it

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Love Chords: How Many Do You Have Left in Your Relationship?

Relationship love chords

Relationship Love Chords Listening to couples relationship issues, there seems to be consistencies with the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. The consistencies are the things that create a blockage in our communication and feelings. I believe we are allocated a certain amount of “love chords”. These love chords develop in the beginning of the relationship. They are built from love, trust, respect and admiration. The love chords are attached from your heart to your

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Give Up Smoking with Hypnosis

Hypnosis to stop smoking

Give Up Smoking  Hypnosis is one of the most popular modalities to help people to give up smoking. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s effective and it’s painless. Hypnosis is a set of instructions that are designed to work with your unconscious mind so that you let go of the habit easily and effectively.   Relaxation helps your mind focus and concentrate on the instructions and well; it just feels good to feel relaxed doesn’t it?!

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11 Essential Qualities of a Good Marriage

Married couple inlove

  Qualities Of A Good Marriage   Relationships are very different to what we believe they are supposed to be. Most of us grew up to learn that as a woman you would marry your prince charming and live happily every after. Holy crap that fantasy comes complete with 7 little dwarf men or a bunch of fairies and forest animals who would love to clean your house! Obviously this is not the case and

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7 Questions To Help You Get Over Anger

Aggressive anger

How To Get Over Your Anger If you are human then chances are you have experience anger and probably more times than you care to remember or at acknowledge. Let’s face it; anger doesn’t usually bring out the best in us.  In fact, anger can bring out a side in us that is ugly and even scary at times. Especially when we feel our back is up against the wall we are going to fight

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38 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

improve your marriage with small steps

  It takes two people who really want to have a happy marriage to give the time and attention it needs to grow year after year. If your looking to improve your marriage, all you need to do is make the decision and start with small steps.   How To Improve Your Marriage   As a marriage Counsellor, I’m often asked, “What can I do to improve my marriage?”   I thought I would make

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