Are You The Jealous Type?

Jealous women fighting

Feeling jealous is a normal reaction when you feel there is a threat of losing someone you love, to someone else.  However, being jealous too often can also cause relationship problems.     Are You The Jealous Type?    Feeling jealous is a sickening combination of insecurity, possessiveness, suspicion, rage and humiliation. It can overtake your mind and can happen anytime in a relationship.  It also happens when you’re not in a relationship.   Jealousy

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5 Steps To Overcome Jealousy

jealousy when three is a crowd

Jealousy is a terrible feeling and it can hurt a relationship.  Learn more about how you can address jealousy so you can feel confident and enjoy your relationship.     Five Simple Steps To Get Over Jealousy   Jealousy is a normal human emotional response when you feel inferior or insecure by someone getting attention from someone you love. Jealousy can make you do some crazy things and it doesn’t feel good or look good

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How to Cope With PTSD Flashbacks , Nightmares & Dissociations

PTSD flashbacks of traumatic event

PTSD Flashbacks are a normal symptom of Post Traumatic Stress.  Flashbacks happen instantly and are triggered by something associated with the trauma like a smell, sound that takes you back into the past and you relive the trauma again.  Reliving the trauma is not only a visual experience it can also trigger the physical responses experienced during the original trauma.     PTSD Flashbacks   What are PTSD Flashbacks?  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Flashbacks

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How To Improve Self Esteem

improve self esteem

How To Improve Self Esteem     Low Self Esteem   The definition of low self esteem is when a person focuses the attention on all the negative things in life and all the things they don’t have. It magnifies their short comings and they don’t acknowledge their strengths and achievements. They put themselves down and they feel depressed, anxious and miserable.   It’s important to understand how low self esteem can impact your life

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5 Ways You Can Increase Self Esteem Today

5 Ways To Increase Self Esteem

5 Ways To Increase Self Esteem     Why You Need To Increase Your Self Esteem   Self esteem is the value you put on your self.  If you have high self esteem it means you accept your self the way you are and you don’t look for reasons to criticise or put yourself down.  If you have low self esteem it means you are self conscious, focus on the negative things about yourself and

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Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder Symptoms

woman with narcolepsy sleep disorder

Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder Signs & Symptoms     Narcolepsy Sleep Disorder   Sleeping is something you need to do everyday. While you sleep your body cycles through stages of NREM and REM. NREM is when your body kicks in to self -repair mode and starts to heal wear and tear on your body. REM is when you dream.   Sleeping helps you recharge and refresh yourself for the next day. For some it’s as easy

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Insomnia – 6 Things You Can Do


Insomnia     What is Insomnia?   Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that’s characterised by having difficulty falling asleep, maintaining sleep and waking up early, without having the required amount of sleep you needed. This means you wake up feeling tired, grumpy and lacking energy. It causes you to feel sleepy and tired throughout the day.   When you’re sleeping, you transition through stages of NRM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

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Signs & Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis Disorder

sleep paralysis and hypnotherapy

Sleep Paralysis – The Scariest Sleep Disorder     What Is Sleep Paralysis?   Sleep Paralysis is probably the scariest of all sleeping disorders.  Sleep Paralysis is when a person’s having a nightmare and when they wake up from it, they can’t move. They can feel fear and terror in their body but they can’t talk, scream or move any part of their body. When they’re awake they start to have visions or hallucinations of spirits, ghosts, demons,

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How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

How to say no without feeling guilty

How To Say No     Just Say No!   It is something every individual needs to be able to say to anything that threatens their safety, dignity, integrity, boundaries and energy.   No is the key word for order and discipline. Where would the world be without NO’s ?  “No” sets rules and laws for society so it’s really important to embrace the concept of saying no. It’s not so easy for people to

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11 Reasons Why Eating Makes You Feel Good

Why eating make you feel good

Eating Is Comforting   Why Eating Makes You Feel Good    Eating food can make you feel good for many reasons.  Usually it’s associated with good times, celebrations and intimate relationship experiences.  First dates, weddings, Christmas holidays are all celebrated around food.   Your eating habits have a lot to do with your childhood and upbringing.  When you were growing up, your parents may have rewarded you with treats, if you ate all your dinner, or

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