are you a maccas dad?

Are You A Macca’s Dad?


What Kind Of Dad Are You? Are You The Kind Of Dad Who:

  • Helps their kids with their homework?
  • Watches their sports games on the weekends?
  • Play games with your kids?
  • Do you talk to your kids?
  • Listen to them?


There Are Several Kinds Of Dads:

  1. The Disciplinary

The Disciplinary Dad notices all the things the kids do wrong and points them out. They criticize and put kids down. Of course it’s done out of love, however, for the child it feels like they can’t do anything right.

  1. The Mate

The Dad who wants to be their kids mate is involved in everything their child does. They don’t discipline their children they want to be their friend rather than their parent. Kids have friends at school and sports and are closer to their own age. They don’t need their Dad to be their mate they need them to be their parent.

  1. The Eftpos (ATM) Dad

The Eftpos Dad is the one who hands out the cash. The answer to everything is cash. Rather than spend time they prefer to spend money on their child. They are too busy and disconnected and bridge the communication gap with money.

  1. The Active Dad

The active Dad is the one who goes to all the sports games, carnivals, concerts. He is actively involved in his child’s life because he wants to be. He is fun and attentive and loves to joke around. He knows all his kids friends names too.

  1. The Macca’s Dad

The Macca’s Dad is the most obvious one who sticks out in the crowd. I can spot them for a mile on any given Saturday or Sunday morning. These Dads are the ones who take their kids to Macca’s on the weekend and will throw their kids in the air, chase them around, give them piggy-backs and laugh out loud. In fact they will laugh out extra loud just to make sure everyone can see they are being a “good Dad”. This is not the norm and they are looking for recognition they are such a good parent.

  1. The Real Dad

The best Dad I have seen is a man who was recently separated with his wife. They have shared custody of their daughter.
As I was talking with him I noticed he had something on his toes. I thought it was just the light shining on his feet but from a second look it was gold nail polish.
This Dad had spent the weekend getting a pedicure from his daughter. He didn’t mention it. He didn’t feel the need to tell me “I spent the weekend with my daughter. I let her paint my toe-nails. We had fun. We laughed. She had a good time.”
He did this because it was special and it was between them and not for the rest of the world to acknowledge or give him a nod of approval.

That’s a Dad who is genuine.

A real dad spends time with his child, talks with them, listens and most of all is involved in their lives. He knows when it’s time for discipline, he does it in a way that teaches their child so they don’t break their spirit. They spend time with them but they don’t take over. They aren’t their mate but they know how to have fun with their child.
They are having to pay for things but do not use money to make up for a lack of time. They may take their child to Macca’s or throw them up in the air but they are more interested in their child rather than who is watching them and their attention isn’t scheduled for a Saturday morning.

Here Are Some Tips To Be A Good Dad:


  1. Be present with your child
  2. Ask questions
  3. Listen to what they have to say
  4. Ask about their friends
  5. Find out what they love doing for hobbies
  6. Watch their sports games
  7. Cheer for them from the side lines
  8. Compliment your child
  9. Spend quality time doing things they love to do
  10. Teach them something
  11. Create memories together
  12. Cook meals together
  13. Build something together
  14. Tell them stories about your childhood
  15. Laugh with them
  16. Take them to the movies
  17. Read books with them
  18. Tell them you love them
  19. Make them a gift instead of buying something
  20. Takes lots of photo’s together and put them everywhere


What About You?

Whatever Dad you have turned out to be, I’m not sure if you imagined yourself being a different Dad to what you are now.
I hope this post has given you something to think about when it comes to being a parent. If you are not being the Dad you always thought you would be, it is never too late to start being that person today.



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