4 types of anxiety disorders

4 Types of Anxiety Disorders

4 Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

In today’s society, there are many reasons for people to feel stressed, anxious and nervous.These feelings can lead to more complex anxiety disorders.

Trying to find what type of anxiety you have is quite difficult on the Internet because there are so many different options and they all sound a little similar.

So today I’m going to share with you the signs and symptoms of 4 Anxiety Disorders and how they are caused.

Let’s first start with what it feels like to experience anxiety and what signs you need to be looking out for:

Signs of Anxiety Disorders

4 Types of Anxiety Disorders

Panic Disorder

People who suffer from this type of anxiety have feelings of terror which strike suddenly and repeatedly with no warning

Social Anxiety

People who suffer from this type of anxiety have feelings of overwhelm, worry and self-consciousness about social situations.


This type of anxiety is when someone has a phobia which is a fear at its highest intensity. People’s level of fear is usually inappropriate to the situation they are in.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

This type of anxiety is the most general type, it can include feelings of worry and nervousness about common situations

Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder is caused by panic attacks, which are a combination of signs and symptoms including:

Social Anxiety Disorder

Can be caused by:

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Phobias can be caused by:

Genetics because some people will suffer from anxiety because it is genetics which means that they have had it passed onto them.

Environment – when people are in distressing events it can cause a phobia. If they are in a traumatic event it can also cause a phobia. 

E.g. someone cuts themselves with a knife, they’d need stitches, which means they’d be getting a needle.

Every time the person had to get needles they would be terrified because it was a traumatic experience for them.

Medical conditions – people who have experienced brain injuries may experience a phobia because they are forced to live with the memory of their accident/injury.

3. Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Can be caused by:


Anxiety is a common feeling and it’s ok to feel anxious over things as long as it isn’t getting out of hand and impacting areas of your life and health.

There are certain situations in life that make you to feel anxious and that’s because the outcome of those situations has a deep meaning for you.

If you were to go for a job interview you may feel anxious because the deeper meaning is you need the money to survive.

If you’re having a conflict with your partner, you may feel anxious because you fear losing them and breaking up with them. Anxiety can impact your relationship and take control without you even realising it.

Both of these situations are common reasons for people to feel anxious. You need to determine if the anxiety you feel is for a deeper purpose and meaning or if it is developing into something that is becoming out of your control. 

Anxiety orders can be managed by using the power of your mind to control your thoughts and feelings. Some disorders require medication too.

If you are struggling with an anxiety disorder, you can click here to book an appointment and learn how you can manage an anxiety disorder and have more control.

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