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Anger Management – Whitsunday Professional Counselling

Anger is a natural human emotion. Anger is a stimulant reaction that’s built into your nervous system.  There are many varying degrees of anger.  The more severe the anger the bigger the adrenalin rush.  The adrenalin rush can make people feel powerful and can be addictive.  However anger does not give you power.  It does not give you the love or respect you are after it does the opposite.  It drives people away, it makes people fear you not respect you.


Anger Management can save your relationship, career and make you a better person to be around. 


There Are 3 Type Of Anger:


  • Aggressive Anger
  • Passive Aggressive Anger
  • Assertive Anger

Aggressive Anger which means it is out of control and is distorted in its deliverance. It hurts everyone and is not productive.  It is hostile, threatening, aggressive and it full of hatred and loathing.  It has no intention of resolution and is self destructive.


Passive Aggressive Anger is when a person will hold in their anger. They won’t talk about it they will become moody and only hint that something is wrong. They don’t want to say anything to make the situation worse but they can’t hide how they feel very well either.  They prefer to avoid confrontation and avoid talking about the problem, hoping the situation will improve by itself.


The other is Assertive Anger.  Assertive anger is controlled and leads to solutions.  It protects a person’s boundaries and is more assertive communication.  It considers the wellbeing of others and doesn’t have the deeper layered emotions tangled with it such as resentment, hostility and hatred. Assertiveness means you can talk about the problem while respecting yourself and others. This style of anger management looks towards solutions that are a win/win for everyone concerned.


Anger Management Is A Choice:


  • You can choose to be angry or not
  • You can choose the intensity of it
  • You can choose how to deal with it
  • You can choose to feel differently


Most importantly you can choose you how you respond when the world doesn’t treat you the way you want it to.  You have just as much choice about how you express your anger as to anything else in life.  You also have a choice about how much of yesterday’s anger you carry into the future and how much anger you are likely to experience tomorrow.


Understanding that you have a choice in how you react is really important.  When you realise that you are responsible for your own actions and stop blaming other people and situations for making you feel angry and start to look at yourself then you will realise that you choose who can affect you and who can’t affect you.  You can realise that it is up to you to choose the intensity of your feelings and it is up to you to choose the outcome of the event.


Learning to manage your anger is empowering and will help to free you from the emotional turmoil that can easily spill over into other areas of your life including relationships, family, career, health and social life.  Anger is a secondary emotion which tells us there is something else underneath. It can also lead to serious health issues.


Anger Management Bowen – Airlie Beach – Proserpine – Mackay

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