Have You Already Been Hypnotized Without Even Knowing It?

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What Happens When You Are Hypnotized?

People always ask me “what does it feel like to be hypnotised?”

In some ways hypnosis is similar to sleep. Hypnosis is very relaxing.

But unlike sleep you never completely lose awareness during hypnosis. While hypnotized you are able to respond to things going on around you.

Although hypnosis is usually done with eyes closed to facilitate concentration and imagination it also can be done with the eyes open.

Hypnosis allows you to experience your thoughts and images as real. While you are hypnotized you willingly suspend your disbelief for the moment just as you do when you

become absorbed in a compelling fantasy or play. Eg. Superman movie.

“Have you already been hypnotised before without even knowing it?”

You may think that you have never been hypnotized before NOW but in fact you are no stranger to hypnosis.

Often when you concentrate on something of great interest to you, you enter hypnosis without any formal induction.

Daydreaming is a very common way to experience a self induced trance. Have you ever daydreamed in the middle of  a conversation?

You find yourself drifting off and all of a sudden you realized that the person in front of your is still talking!

You were still breathing, you were still functioning but your mind drifted off and you lost your focus and started to focus your attention to what was going on inside your own mind.

That is a perfect example of a trance and what it can feel like to be hypnotized.

Another example is when you are going for a long distance drive and you can’t remember going past a certain place or town,

but you were still able to drive the car but you blocked out your surroundings.  This one is a bit scary really because as you are driving along in drive so are the cars around you.

Hypnosis is not about being controlled by someone it is about being about to channel your focus onto something specifically to gain an outcome.

Your outcome may be relaxation, it may be weight loss, confidence, stop smoking.

Trance is a natural human state and we all experience it.  We can put ourselves into this state whenever we want and we can also do it without realizing we are doing it.

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Mirella DeBoni

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