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We can help you in the following areas.  Please click the category below to learn more:

Marriage & Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Stress Management
Stop Smoking
Addiction Therapy
Weight Loss
Self Esteem




Marriage Counselling Sessions


I work with couples who are struggling to keep their relationships together and those who are sitting on the fence in their relationship.

They’re not sure if they should give it one last chance or if they should leave.

Married couples want to know if they have done everything they can to save their marriage or if they can learn skills to keep their marriage on track.

That’s when people call me.


It’s time to make an appointment for marriage counselling:


  • If your relationship is falling apart
  • You can’t communicate with each other without fighting
  • Issues from the past are not resolved and keep getting brought up
  • Intimacy is non-existent
  • There is no more fun and it feels like it’s all hard work




Personal Counselling Sessions


Counselling is for people who are looking for solutions to problems that they haven’t been able to resolve on the their own.

When you are going through situations in life it brings out emotions that are overwhelming.

Over time, you may forget about it or not think about it, but it usually keeps coming back up.

If this sounds like you, personal counselling can help you.


It’s time to book a personal counselling session if you are experiencing:


  • You are feeling depressed or have depression
  • You’re going through or have been through a Relationship Breakup
  • Feeling stuck with no direction
  • You’re feeling anxious, nervous or stressed
  • You need help with Anger Management




Hypnotherapy Sessions


Not all problems can be resolved simply by talking about them consciously.

There are different types of learning and resolving issues including the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy taps into your unconscious mind to reprogram your feelings, thoughts and behaviour so your outcomes become automatic.

It feels like you’re in control of your direction in life. Achieving desired results become easy when you are replying on the power of your unconscious mind.


It’s time to book a hypnotherapy session if you want help to:


  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Drinking Alcohol
  • Resolve Sleep Issues
  • Change your feelings about a person (after break-up)


If you would like to make an appointment you can book online and choose the date and time that suits your best.



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