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I am married with 3 children. I live in the beautiful Whitsundays, Queensland. People always ask how long I have been a counsellor for and I usually reply with “since I was 7 years old”.  When my parents separated, I was always trying to get them back together.  I was the go-between, the mediator and the negotiator. 
As I grew up I attracted random strangers who would open up and tell me everything about their life and the problems they were having.  They would ask me for help, even though I had never met them. This happened all the time, when I would wait for a train into the city or waiting in line somewhere.
I decided if people were coming to me for help then I better learn some ways to help them. And so the journey began into Counselling. However it didn’t stop there. I wanted to learn as much as I could. I continued to learn Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and the list goes on.
I went to uni to get a degree in Psychology.  After doing several subjects I realised it wasn’t for me.  I didn’t like it. I couldn’t see any “practical help” there. I could just see lots of theory, statistics and graphs.  I’m more interested in tools and strategies to help people.
So, 12 years later I am still studying and learning new ways to help people with depression an anxiety, addictions and habits, and relationship resolutions.
I love helping people through problems and seeing the results they achieve.  Seeing someone free from depression is a massive sense of satisfaction.  Helping someone change their feelings for someone when they have gone through a break-up, so they can function and start to live again is great.If I can help couples to work through their differences and keep their family together then I know what I am doing in life is worthwhile.
I am also a multiple #1 International Best Selling author and have published 7 books. This lead me to becoming a writing coach to help others become published authors.
I’m a business coach helping people to create a business online so they can sell their expertise and experience by packaging up what they know.

Facts About Mirella DeBoni you don’t need to know or even care about:

  • I don’t like green smoothies – I believe you should eat your food not drink it
  • I believe kindness doesn’t cost a thing so we should be more kind more often
  • If you can help someone, then help them
  • Money makes a big difference in life because money equals choices.
  • If you need more money to enjoy life then get creative because with the internet making money has never been easier
  • Everyone has a story to tell that can inspire, motivate, educate or help others – so be bold and share your story
  • I believe you can achieve anything in life as long as it really means something to you and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen
  • My favourite places to visit are Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York.  
  • I love Sydney and Melbourne, but my heart is in Airlie Beach Queensland.

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