7 diet personality types

7 Diet Personality Types

Understanding Your Diet Personality Type

understanding your diet personality for weight loss

Have you been on a continuous weight loss journey but don’t have the results to show for all your efforts?

This blog post will help you understand more about the way you eat so you can choose a better option when it comes to choosing the right weight plan.

If you know the type of diet personality you are, you’ll be able to monitor your appetite control more effectively.

Personality type dieting helps when creating a weight loss plan because it’s based on your own behavior, eating habits and lifestyle. 

A wide range of factors such as age, gender, emotions, and daily habits is considered. How these factors affect your dieting and eating habits is the basis of this approach.

When you feel overweight it influences yours self-esteem. You begin living your life with limitations “no I can’t wear bathers I’m too overweight.” “No I’m not going to the party I have nothing to wear that fits.” It impacts your relationship and intimacy levels because you don’t want to be seen or touched. And basically makes you feel bad about yourself which is really shit.

So if you are serious about wanting to lose weight and feel good in your own skin then this blog will help you understand a little bit more about your eating habits.

Following are 6 types of diet personalities for you to consider.  You may see a pattern as to the type of dieter you are and this can help shed some light as to what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to weight loss.

1: The Foodaholic Diet Type

You seem to be insatiable when it comes to delicious food. You can’t resist food cravings, even though it’s unhealthy. You find it hard to control the urge to have another meal serving or dessert, especially when it’s offered to you.

Foodaholic diet types are the most problematic type, and they always have trouble following a dieting plan. They have probably tried many methods to lose weight but have not had any great success because they simply love food. All food.

Foodaholics are not happy being told what they should eat and when they should eat. This type consists largely of people who are overweight or obese.

If this type describes you, work on engaging in mindful eating. Slow down while enjoying every bite and do your best to exercise faithfully to help balance any over-eating.


2: The Gastronomer Diet Type

gourmet eating type

People of this diet personality type are lovers of good food or a gourmet. They’re passionate about planning and preparing what they eat and often love to include wine with their meals.

They’re not inclined to diet but can still maintain a normal weight range through mindful eating and portion control, as prescribed by the dietary guidelines.

Because they love menus and recipes, they can usually manage to stick to diets better than some others. 

Having a daily well-thought-of menu to follow, which includes fruits and vegetables, will help this type maintain a healthy weight because of the structured manner of eating.

They can engage their creativity and plan beautiful meals which is important for this type.

3: The Impulsive Eater

This diet personality type eats on impulse and makes spontaneous food choices. It’s difficult for them to plan meals. They often depend on takeout or fast foods. They are gastronomically adventurous and can eat a wide variety of different foods.

Impulsive eaters must plan ahead to short-circuit their hand-to-mouth behavior. At some stage or another, despite their best intentions, they’ll eat whatever is in the cupboard or at hand.

The solution is not to buy unhealthy foods in the first place. So, limit portion sizes of the food you indulge in to bring your cravings under control. You can’t get rid of or avoid all treats to so it’s best to manage them by portion size.

Instead of relying on willpower and having it fail yet again, remove temptation as much as you can and limit the amount of treats you have available. 

Improve your food choices by reducing simple carbohydrates, especially sugar, and limiting alcohol intake. 

A style of dieting that often resonates with recovering impulsive eaters is called the 80/20 approach – 80% healthy foods and 20% fun foods.


4: The Emotive Diet Type

eating sweet treats for comfort

Many people, when overcome by emotions like stress, anxiety, and sadness, resort to food for comfort. However, emotive eaters have let this become a habit that doesn’t serve them well.

The problem with emotional eaters is there is a wide range of emotions that we as human beings experience on the daily. If not by the hour.  Anger, sadness, fear, hurt guilt plus happiness, love, excitement. 

Emotional eaters don’t only eat for the negative emotions. Happy emotions are just as good to get down and dirty with comfort eating.

They don’t succeed in having a very rigid diet that takes out their choice of favorite foods, as that often leads to increased cravings.

This type must avoid skipping meals and ensuring meals have a healthy protein inclusion. High-GI carbs will cause blood sugar fluctuations that will adversely affect their mood and appetite.               

Looking for Help To Lose Weight?

The Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss Program

The Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss Program is designed to help you change your eating habits and food choices.  You will reduce the amount of food you eat and you will feel full.

This program includes 4 hypnosis sessions:

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And healthy meal planning templates, fitness tracking and mindset activities to help you lose weight, gain health and be more active.

5: The Extrovert Diner

diet personalities

This is the personality type that loves socializing. They don’t want dietary restrictions to hinder their social life. Major components of their social life are food and alcohol. 

A well-planned diet does not sit well with them because they love to share mealtimes with friends and family.

With this type, flexibility in their weight loss plan is important to sustain a healthy lifestyle. If this is you, learn about dietary recommendations that will teach you to make healthier choices, especially when dining out.

Reduce your eating out and have some meals at home. Acknowledge that you’re a socialite, but learn to enjoy the company without the food and drink. 

6. The Overthinker

This type has exceedingly high expectations about their dieting because they are perfectionists. Although they may be driven and systematic, they’re inclined to unrealistic expectations.

This is an all or nothing approach and often results in see-saw results. Worry and guilt for food transgressions create stress, anxiety, and insecurity.

This can cause overeating or binge eating. Women are the most likely dietary overthinkers and often rely too much on calorie counting to lose weight.

People with perfectionist qualities don’t hold every one else in their life up to those standards it’s mainly just for them.  Sometimes the expectations are so high they know they can’t meet them. 

This in turn creates the helpless and hopelessness type feelings to surface and what better way to deal with it than over eating.  Then feeling bad about it.  It’s a shitty vicious cycle.

Calm down with your standards.  Give yourself a reason to succeed by making your goals achievable.

7. The Habitual Diet Type

This group spends much of their time recalling failures on their past dieting routines. They often seem to try a new routine but habitually drop off before they have made a habit of it.

But there is a solution, and that is to start small and commit to the long term. Don’t think of it as a diet but a lifestyle, for the rest of your life. 

Don’t go all in at the start. Instead make small, doable changes to your food types and amounts.

Success breeds success. Celebrate your wins, but don’t reward yourself with food. Reframe your view of your future self as having a healthy lean body.


What's Next?

Now you’ve worked out which diet personality type you are you can begin looking at eating plans that work with your personality. Focus on your strengths.

There are things you can do to get started if you want to lose weight and keep the weight off.

I suggest doing hypnotherapy to get yourself in the right mindset. Research the eating plans that give you the level of flexibility and choice you prefer. Write a meal plan and activity plan on how you will move your body.  

Check out these 2 resources to help you. The Healthy Meals Planner and the The Fitness Tracker.

Read this article: 10 quick tips to boost motivation.


Establishing which diet personality you are will help determine which weight loss program will suit your needs. There are so many diets like Keto, Paleo, Mediterannean.

When you hear “a friend” lost so much weight doing the Keto diet so you rush out and buy a trolley full of bacon and coconut oil only to find that it didn’t shift an ounce of weight you’re sure to be disappointed.

You forgot to factor in every one is different. What works for some won’t work for others. Some bodies are not designed to break down meat while others can’t tolerate gluten or carbs. 

This is why it’s important to understand your diet personality so you can work with your strengths not fight against your weaknesses.

This is not a short-term but a long-term commitment.  To keep you motivated, pair up with friends of the same diet personality type to encourage one another towards your goals. 

Reward yourself by catching up together and going for a walk or going for a swim.  Socialing doesn’t have to revolve around food and drinks

If you need help click here to make an appointment and I can help you in person or over Skype/Zoom.

You can check out the Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss program here or read about hypnosis to stop food cravings which I can help you achieve face to face or ove zoom /skype.

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