5 Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them

5 Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them

How to Show Your Partner You Love Them

Loving Your Partner

How are you loving your partner? Think about all the things you do specifically for your partner, some are big things and some are trivial little things but they are all done out of love. Most of the time it’s the little things that mean the most.


You want to know what your partner needs from you to feel loved. They may say they want security, adventure, quality time but you need to dig deeper than that. You want specific examples of what you would need to do in order for them to feel safe. You need to know what adventure means to them. Does it mean a holiday somewhere you’ve never been or skydiving? And what is quality time for them?


Once you get the instructions it’s up to you to take action. If your partner has told you what they need and you don’t take action towards it then you have no one to blame but yourself if they don’t want to be with you anymore. It’s one thing not having the information but when you have it – you need to do something with it.


If you’re married just remember you chose each other to experience life together, what do you want to experience? What can you do to make the experience the best it can be?


Make sure you don’t get lazy, don’t get too comfortable in your relationship. Remember to show love to your partner as often as you can and in as many ways as you can. This is what makes an awesome relationship and an awesome life.


Love creates a bond between two people and the only way to create a strong bond is to invest the time and attention into it. When you see a couple who seem to be really in love and happy together you need to know it’s not by chance. They spend time getting to know each other as deeply as they can.


Are you investing the time to know your partner on a deeper level? Do you know what makes them feel loved?


Here are the areas where people show love:


  • Being Helpful
  • Positive Words
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Affection & Intimacy
  • Giving Gifts


Being Helpful


  • Mow the lawn
  • Maintenance around the home
  • Cooking meals
  • Clean the house
  • Gardening
  • Washing and ironing clothes
  • Making treats
  • Paying bills


Say Nice Things


  • Compliment how your partner is dressed
  • How they look
  • Thank them for things they have done
  • Recognizing and telling them things they do that makes you happy
  • Tell them why you love them
  • Remind them why they are so awesome


Being Supportive


  • Listening to your partner’s goals and dreams
  • Brainstorming ways to make them happen
  • Asking questions to learn more
  • Listening when they are struggling
  • Giving suggestions
  • Saying kind words of encouragement (You’re doing really well, I’m so proud of you, You’re fantastic, I love you)
  • Tell them you believe in them
  • Help them find solutions to any problems


Being Affectionate


  • Kissing
  • Cuddling
  • Holding hands
  • Massage
  • Stroking hair/face
  • Sex
  • Instigating
  • Engaging


Giving Gifts


  • Small thoughtful gifts (this is not about spending money)
  • Special things that mean something to your partner. (Chocolate, lollies, favorite magazine or a book on their interests, hairdressing voucher, massage voucher or nail manicure voucher)
  • Tools
  • Gym equipment
  • Video games
  • DVD’s
  • Cinema vouchers
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Clothes


It’s important to know you’re showing your partner love in a way that they can recognize so they can enjoy it and vice versa.


You don’t need to guess either. You can just ask your partner what they need in order to feel loved. They may say it’s a mixture of all of the above but there will still be one area that means more than to them than another. Ask questions and get specific. The more specific you get, the more accurate you can be in showing love.


Make sure you add anything they mention to the list and print it out and put it on the fridge to keep it fresh in your mind. The biggest step is taking action on it every day. The more you show love to your partner the more secure and safe your partner will feel in the relationship.


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