5 Ways To Increase Self Esteem


5 Ways To Increase Self Esteem


Why You Need To Increase Your Self Esteem


Self esteem is the value you put on your self.  If you have high self esteem it means you accept your self the way you are and you don’t look for reasons to criticise or put yourself down.  If you have low self esteem it means you are self conscious, focus on the negative things about yourself and you don’t like yourself very much.


Your self esteem impacts the quality of life you live.  You will challenge yourself, believe in yourself and step outside of your comfort if you have high self esteem.  If you have low self esteem you will be living life on the sidelines, watching other people enjoy the things you only dream about.  Low self esteem impacts your relationships, friendships, career choices and your ability yo believe in yourself.


It’s important to know that no matter what your level of self esteem is right now you can increase your self esteem in many different ways.  Different personality styles will increase their self esteem in a way that feels right for them.  


There are 5 styles people use to increase self esteem:


The Analyser’s Way to Increase Self Esteem


If you are the kind of personal who needs to analyse details then journaling will help you increase self esteem. Journaling is a very therapeutic technique that allows you to pour out your thoughts and feelings and perceptions on paper without having to sensor it or share it or explain it. You can use journaling to release pent up emotions and to identify and debate irrational thoughts.


Keeping a daily journal is a great idea. Writing puts the event into slow motion; it helps to break down the event so that it can start to make sense. Often the event can be confusing because you can think so many thoughts in a single second and you can feel so many emotions simultaneously.


Think about what worked for you, what didn’t, what were your reactions in the situations you are journaling about? Use the information as a self reflection and to monitor your reactions, emotions and outcomes.



The Achievers Way To Increase Self Esteem


If the way you measure your self worth is through your achievements then your self esteem will suffer unless you are working towards something. You need to have results in your life to feel good about yourself so you need to look at your comfort zone and where you can stretch your abilities and skills to reach a higher level of achievement.
The comfort zone is a place where you feel safe in life. It is a place in your life where everything is predictable and almost routine. It’s predictable and safe. There are no risks taken and nothing much gained.


Even though it’s good to feel safe some people can increase their self esteem by overcoming challenges, achieving something special in the life and mastering a skill. To do this you need to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. The moment you step outside of your comfort zone you know you are alive, you know that you are moving forward. It can be scary but it can also be exciting.


The Feelings Person’s Way To Increase Self Esteem


If you are a feelings person you may be very sensitive. You may be sensitive to criticism or struggle to get past old hurts. You need to look at what your emotional baggage is that you are holding onto. You can increase self esteem through forgiveness.  When you have unfinished business with people or family you learn to build walls around yourself. You build walls to block out any bad things happening to you and you feel protected. The only problem with this is when you build a wall to block out the bad stuff you block out the good stuff too.


If you’re holding onto emotions from a situation in the past that’s effected your self esteem you need to consider if it’s time to let it go and forgive.  Forgiving is about setting yourself free to learn, love and to grow. Clearing up the past can be one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself.


You can learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others and create a future based on successes. Your future is going to feel easier by letting go of the past emotional baggage of:


Letting go of negative emotions will help you increase self esteem because you are a sensitive person and you need to hold onto positive feelings and start collecting more of them.


The Self Image Way to Increase Self Esteem


You need to love your body and what you see about yourself. Some people judge themselves very harshly when it comes to their body shape, their face and physical appearance. We’re all born differently and have points of difference.


If you’re feeling self conscious about yourself then you are seeing yourself in a negative way and focusing your attention on what you don’t like about yourself. Maybe you’re comparing yourself to someone else and thinking they are better looking or have a better body than you have.


You need to appreciate, accept and respect your whole physical appearance. The reward is a much healthier self esteem.  If you can accept the body you have and love your body for how it is today, how much freedom have you allowed in your life? How much pressure can you remove from your life? How much joy and love are you bringing into your life?


The good news is that you can have that right now. It is a matter of choosing to be content with what you have. Focus on one thing you like about yourself even if it’s your elbow! Then find the next thing – the more you look the more you will find. So find more of the things you like.


The Learners Way To Increase Self Esteem


When you are going through life experiences you will learn lessons in a positive way or a negative way. Life lessons will shape your personality and define your characteristics. If you are the kind of person who likes to learn you can increase self esteem by embracing your life lessons and seeing things from different perspectives.


Embracing your life lessons give you a sense of freedom and a new direction in life.


Here are 12 ways you can embrace your life lessons and increase self esteem:


  • Face every day as a new beginning
  • Draw on past experiences for lessons of growth and 
understanding without the emotion
  • Plan ahead and focus on what you want
  • Make a list of what you want right now
  • Be open to change and become flexible with your 
thoughts and feelings
  • Accept that everyone is different
  • Accept yourself as you are and be willing to work in 
areas that you would like to improve
  • Let down your barriers and let people get to know 
the real you
  • Step out of your comfort zone and feel the feelings of 
being alive
  • Challenge yourself
  • Forgive and let go of past hurts and free yourself 
emotionally and mentally
  • Be accountable for situations and results in your life


If you need some help to increase your self esteem and self confidence you can book an appointment online and start feeling good in your own skin today.




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