38 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

38 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

How To Improve Your Marriage

As a Marriage Counsellor, I’m often asked, “What can I do to improve my marriage?” It takes two people who really want to have a happy marriage to give the time and attention it needs to grow year after year. If your looking to improve your marriage, all you need to do is make the decision and start with small steps.


I thought I would make it simple by writing up a quick list of things you can do. So, here is a list of 38 ways you can improve your marriage or relationship. Print it out and put it on the fridge to refresh your memory and keep your marriage as a priority. Use it as a checklist if you like.


38 Ways To Improve Your Marriage


  1. Have fun
  2. Be spontaneous
  3. Respect each other’s friends
  4. Choose your arguments
  5. Set boundaries and respect them
  6. Be a listener
  7. Talk about your day
  8. Compliment your partner
  9. Trust your partner
  10. Talk with loving names
  11. Make each other feel special
  12. Decide on common goals
  13. Share your dreams Forgive each other
  14. Help each other heal
  15. Eat dinner together
  16. Respect your partner’s needs and wants
  17. Ask for help when you need it
  18. Be available and reliable for each other
  19. Give each other space and independence
  20. Apologize when needed
  21. Argue in private
  22. Resolve arguments and leave the past in the past
  23. Accept your in-laws – they will be in the picture 
  24. Be empathetic
  25. Compromise and aim for win/win outcomes
  26. Be interested in your partner
  27. Be calm
  28. Don’t over analyze
  29. Plan getaways
  30. Ask for what you want
  31. Clarify and ask questions
  32. Change together, grow together
  33. Be affectionate to each other
  34. Encourage and support your partner’s goals and dreams
  35. Recognize addictions and seek help if needed
  36. Be honest and open
  37. Talk about your feelings
  38. Appreciate your partner


If you want to improve your marriage, it doesn’t take a lot of hard work.  It just takes the desire to want to do it.  If you implement little things each day it will make a big difference.

If you need some help to improve your marriage,  you can book an appointment online and take the first step to make positive changes in your relationship.