3 types of motivation

3 Types of Motivation


Motivation is the force within that drives us to take action. Motivation compels you to make changes in your life and is the driving force behind this change. With the motivation tips that you will be learning in this blog you’ll be able to achieve anything that you want and become the master of your own destiny.

Psychological experts define motivation as being an emotional force that compels us to do something. They also believe that there are cognitive, logical and social influences which determine a person’s motivation levels.

People often have doubts about their ability to achieve goals successfully. Motivation is what drives them forward regardless of any obstacles and barriers they face. The reality of life is that we always do the things that give us the most pleasure with very little motivation.

So you need an extra motivational boost when you’re trying to achieve things that don’t seem pleasurable to you.

Self motivation can give you the discipline required to achieve things that seem difficult or uncomfortable to you. The higher the levels of self motivation that you have the more likely you are to complete any task and achieve any goals.

When you can develop strong self motivation it’s one of the most important things that you can do because it will maintain your interest and secure your commitment to achieving a goal or completing a task.

The problem is people wait to feel motivation before starting a goal or creating a new habit. They want to feel a certain feeling that will make doing what they don’t want to do easy and automatic. Sounds good doesn’t it. 

The problem is that there are certain things that need to be in place to generate the feeling of motivation. Rarely will you feel motivated without doing any ground work.

Achieving goals sounds a lot like hard work. Take weight loss for example. People want to lose weight, get fit, feel good and fit into those damn skinny jeans. They know what they want. But they also know that it’s going to cost them something to achieve it.  

It’s going to cost a lot of time, energy, effort and sacrifice. And so they are not looking for motivation to be skinny they’re actually looking for a feeling that will cancel out all the pain associated with achieving their goals.  Make sense?

Understanding the Source of Motivation

Motivation can either be intrinsic or extrinsic. Your motivation can come from within or it can be influenced by external desires. With intrinsic motivation you want to achieve something because it will give you personal pleasure.  

An example would be learning a new skill, studying a course or joining a group activity. These things are good for you and it doesn’t need anyone elses acknowledgement for you to do these things.

When you use intrinsic motivation you’re not seeking recognition from the outside. It’s all about the internal pleasure from within.

Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is the complete opposite of this. You’re looking for external rewards such as money, recognition, status, and respect from others. This can be losing weight for a wedding, savings to buy a new car or getting a new hair style.

The examples given for intrinsic and extrinsic motivation can be included in both groups. The reason being is it depends on your intention. Some people lose weight to feel good for themselves while others want to be seen by others in a different way.

It’s the same with studying a course. It could be for your own education or you want to use it to climb the ladder at work and gain recognition.

By the way neither is good or bad but your intention of the goals you set will determine the level of motivation you need or require.

3 Types of Motivation

There are 3 types of motivation.

1. Needs Motivation

There are a number of theories about needs motivation. The most obvious examples of this are drinking water, eating food and sleeping. Think caveman style or Maslows Heirarchy of Needs. We need to survive. The basic human needs are food, water, shelter, sex.

2. Instincts Motivation

Humans have behaviour patterns that are pre-wired and they’ll become activated when a specific external stimuli is applied.

3. Arousal Motivation

A person with high arousal levels is more likely to do something risky like skydiving.

So let’s look at 3 types of motivation so you can understand yourself on a deeper level and create the change you want most by driving the feeling of motivation in the best way possible for you.

3 Components to Motivation

To help you to develop and activate your motivation you need to fully understand it. There are essentially three types of motivation. 

When you want to achieve goals, just having a strong desire is simply not enough. You need a level of motivation that will enable you to overcome the obstacles and challenges you’re inevitably going to face.

1. Motivation Activation

The activation stage of motivation is where you have the desire to accomplish something and you take some action. As an example let’s say that you wanted to lose 10 kilos in the next few months.

Your motivation comes from how you see yourself looking and feeling once you have achieve this goal. So the action you might take could be to start on a new diet plan or just simply commit to clean eating and cutting out the junk food over the next few weeks. (Read: 7 Steps to Clean Eating)

Activation is anything you do to try and achieve your goal. It’s your start point of the journey.

Looking for Help To Lose Weight?

The Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss Program

The Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss Program is designed to help you change your eating habits and food choices.  You will reduce the amount of food you eat and you will feel full.

This program includes 4 hypnosis sessions:

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And healthy meal planning templates, fitness tracking and mindset activities to help you lose weight, gain health and be more active.

2. Motivation Persistence

Persistence and motivation go hand in hand. When you first try and achieve a goal you’re likely to be excited and eager to get started. After taking those first steps you may find they are really challenging and you feel like giving up. Persistence will help you to keep going no matter what.

Life is full of distractions and you need persistence to ignore distractions and stay focused on achieving your goals. In order to achieve the level of persistence that you need you will need to practice the quick motivational tips.

3. Motivation Intensity

Motivation to be fit

Motivation intensity is best described as the amount of effort that you apply when trying to achieve your goal. 

It’s possible for two people to have the same level of motivation to try and achieve the same goal, and even have similar persistence levels. 

But the different levels of intensity will determine which of the two people will achieve their goal the fastest or at all.

Tortoise - vs- Rabbit

You probably know people that always move slowly and steadily towards achieving their goals a little bit at a time. 

We like to call these people “tortoise”. You don’t want to be a tortoise, because things won’t happen fast enough for you and you can easily lose your motivation.

Then there are the “Rabbits” who do everything at a rapid pace to try and achieve their goals in the fastest possible time. 

The problem with being a rabbit is that it is easy to make mistakes because you have not concentrated enough on performing the task properly. Rabbits can also suffer burnout very quickly.

Look for the middle ground between these two. You need to go faster than the tortoise but not as fast as the rabbit. Find a pace that works for you. 

Checkout the post 10 quick tips to Boost Motivation to help you generate the feeling of motivation and start achieving your goals. If not now, when?

Conclusion on Types of Motivation

If you need a boost of motivation to lose weight check out the Hypnotic Gastric Lapband Weight Loss Program. If you want to quit smoking and you need motivation to help you checkout Hypnosis to Stop Smoking.

Hypnosis can help you trigger motivation to exercise, lose weight, quit smoking or drinking, to study, to increase your sex drive and so many other things. There are also a lot of tools for motivation that are on the conscious level.

Accountability can make people achieve goals by making their goals public to a group or to a friend. It gives you someone or a group to check in with your progress and talk about where you’re stuck.

There are also lots of apps you can use for motivation and tracking your habits. And digital journals you can use to plan out your goals. (Check out The Goals & Productivity Planner)

If you need help click here to make an appointment and I can help you in person or over Skype/Zoom.

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