5 Ways You Can Be More Romantic in Your Relationship

Being more romantic in your relationship

Do You Need to Be More Romantic?     Why You Need to Be More Romantic In Your Relationship   Being romantic is a fun and creative way to show your partner you love them. In the beginning of a relationship most people are really good at being romantic. As time goes on, people slow down and get comfortable and then the romance can take a back seat.   It’s sad that people forget to

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Romance – What Men & Women Really Want

romance in a relationship showing love

Romance What Men & Women Really Want     What is Romance?   Romance – this word reminds me of the old Mills & Boon books my mum used to read. You know the kind where the man rides on a horse and saves the woman in distress and they live happily ever after.   Well, unfortunately, relationships are not always like that and as for the happily ever after, most people have to work their

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5 Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them

5 Ways to show your partner you love them

How to Show Your Partner You Love Them   Loving Your Partner How are you loving your partner? Think about all the things you do specifically for your partner, some are big things and some are trivial little things but they are all done out of love. Most of the time it’s the little things that mean the most.   You want to know what your partner needs from you to feel loved. They may

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Stress Management – How Men & Women Stress Differently

How men and women stress differently

Stress How Men & Women Deal With Stress Differently     Stress Management For Men & Women Men under pressure feel stress and deal with stress differently to how women deal with stress. How Men Deal With Stress Management   Men are more competitive than women in nature. When they are stressed they don’t want to admit it or show any signs of weakness. Men will generally deal with their stress by shutting down or

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Assertive Anger Management

Assertive Anger Management   What is Assertive Anger? Assertive Anger is the ability to resolve conflicts in a way that is productive and respectful to everyone concerned.  It means you are talk about the situation that has caused disharmony without intentionally hurting other peoples feelings.   Assertive anger is the middle ground when it comes to anger.     There Are 3 Types of Anger:   Aggressive Anger Assertive Anger Passive Aggressive Anger Aggressive anger can

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5 Ways People Use Social Media for A Relationship Breakup

How People Use Social Media During A Relationship Breakup     5 Ways People Use Social Media For A Relationship Breakup   Communication is easy to achieve regardless of distance and time thanks to social media and the world wide web. Back in the days where there was no social media, when a relationship ended, you didn’t know what your ex was up to unless someone told you.  If you left town, you wouldn’t bump

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Sex and Intimacy How Much Is Enough?

Married couple sex and intimacy connection

Sex And Intimacy In A Relationship   Sex and Intimacy How Often Is Normal?   In relationships it really helps for people to have matching libido’s. Having a matching libido means the partners sex drives are matched equally.  For most couples this isn’t the case.  Usually one person has a higher sex drive than the other. One person may want sex and intimacy once a week and the other partner might want sex and intimacy

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Differences In Men & Women Who Cheat On Their Partner

The Differences Between Men & Women Who Cheat On Their Partner     What Type of Person is most likely to Cheat On Their Partner?   While the desire to cheat is a fundamental and unconscious, part of our human nature, thankfully, not everyone will be unfaithful. Like most of our behaviours, infidelity is not intentional. Cheating and having an affair can be driven by a situation rather than being calculated and someone out there looking

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Signs & Symptoms of Aggressive Anger

Aggressive Anger Management     What Is Aggressive Anger?   Aggressive Anger is the most hostile and powerful display of anger. The intention behind aggressive anger is to cause harm or inflict danger or violence against another person. Sometimes this type of anger is a build up of frustrations resulting in an explosion of anger and aggression. There doesn’t need to be a reason for a person with aggressive anger to explode.   Aggressive anger

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Passive Aggressive Anger

woman being passive aggressive after an argument

Passive Aggressive Anger Management   What is Passive Aggressive Anger? Everyone feels anger. The intensity may vary and way anger is expressed may be different but everyone has the ability to feel anger. Anger management can help you learn different ways of reacting when you feel angry or frustrated. Passive Aggressive Anger is one way to express anger.   The meaning of Passive Aggressive Anger is non-verbal aggression. Non verbal means you will feel angry

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