Hypnosis For Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs Morphine

Drug Addiction – True Story “I’m crushing morphine tablets and injecting it, can you help me stop?” Not everyone addicted to drugs is a junkie. Being addicted to drugs doesn’t mean you had bad parents or a bad childhood either. Some stories are different… About 7 years ago I was walking around the shopping centre taking some time out from work when I received a call. The guy on the other end of the phone

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Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety

Anxiety & Stress can feel similar. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress so you can learn how to manage your feelings and life and empowered life.   Are You Experiencing Anxiety Or Stress?   In our fast paced world the chances of experiencing stress and anxiety are fairly high! Most of us are in role-overload and taking on more than we should. This creates the feeling of overwhelm.    

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Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?

anxiety and your relationship?

Dealing with your partners anxiety can put limits on your lifestyle and relationship. The signs and symptoms of anxiety can become chronic if left untreated.   Is Anxiety Affecting Your Relationship?   When someone goes through a physical change such as loosing weight it is easily noticed, right? Well what if someone went through a mental change? Most people wouldn’t know because it’s not visible. When someone suffers from anxiety they can change both physically

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss Results

Hypnosis for weightloss

  Hypnosis for Weight Loss One of the biggest things in the world today is a large number of people are overweight. Most people would like to lose weight, but sometimes they have problems getting themselves in the right mindset. There are of course diets you can do to help you lose weight but it really all does start in the mind. You must be able to keep up the diet and exercise regime to

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Do You Have An Anxiety Disorder?

anxiety disorder information

Having an Anxiety Disorder will not stop you from living a full life.  Learn more about what kind of anxiety order you may have so you can learn how to manage it. Anxiety Disorder   In today’s society, there are many reasons for people to feel stressed, anxious and nervous. These feelings can lead to more complex anxiety disorders. Trying to find what type of anxiety you have is quite difficult on the Internet because

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Signs And Symptoms Of Personality Disorder

person with personality disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness that creates issues of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image and emotions.  It also effects people’s reasonings and creates impulsive actions., and significant impulsiveness   Personality Disorder There are many invisible diseases that people are suffering with and those around them would never know the difference. Some of these are mental illnesses and many people never know that they are struggling with them until they are pointed out to

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