Just Because Your Partner Is Being An Arsehole It Doesn’t Mean He has A Mental Illness!

couple fighting

  When You And Your Partner Can’t Get Along When people are struggling in their relationship and they are experiencing too much conflict things can start to get really nasty. When it gets nasty some people will seek comfort from their friends. They will have a big bitch about their partner and feel good after it. After all, they are talking with a friend who supports them, it was said in private and your mate

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The ONLY 3 Reasons People Go To A Relationship Counsellor

3 reasons why couples see a marriage counsellor

    3 Reasons People See A Relationship Counsellor:   Reason Number One:   The majority of people who come to see me about their relationships issues are seeking advice. They are looking for solutions on how to get their relationship back on track. When they talk about their partner they are respectful and kind. Silly little things over time created conflict and caused hurt feelings. They are seeing me because they want to get

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Is Your Relationship Healthy or Terminally Ill?

marriage counselling

  Is Your Relationship dying a slow death? Not all relationships are full of love, sunshine, rainbows and lollipops. Some relationships are plain ugly and self-destructive. Love can make you put up with a lot of things. Relationships are a lot like health and wellbeing, sickness and disease. They can change from loving and affectionate to loveless and lifeless. The relationships health has been infected by something. Would to get to the bottom of it

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Love Chords: How Many Do You Have Left in Your Relationship?

Relationship love chords

Relationship Love Chords Listening to couples relationship issues, there seems to be consistencies with the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. The consistencies are the things that create a blockage in our communication and feelings. I believe we are allocated a certain amount of “love chords”. These love chords develop in the beginning of the relationship. They are built from love, trust, respect and admiration. The love chords are attached from your heart to your

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