38 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

improve your marriage with small steps

  It takes two people who really want to have a happy marriage to give the time and attention it needs to grow year after year. If your looking to improve your marriage, all you need to do is make the decision and start with small steps.   How To Improve Your Marriage   As a marriage Counsellor, I’m often asked, “What can I do to improve my marriage?”   I thought I would make

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Have You Already Been Hypnotized Without Even Knowing It?

Woman Treated with Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

What Happens When You Are Hypnotized? People always ask me “what does it feel like to be hypnotised?” In some ways hypnosis is similar to sleep. Hypnosis is very relaxing. But unlike sleep you never completely lose awareness during hypnosis. While hypnotized you are able to respond to things going on around you. Although hypnosis is usually done with eyes closed to facilitate concentration and imagination it also can be done with the eyes open.

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3 Parts to a Successful Relationship

Happy Couple

3 Parts To Any Relationship Why is it that some people have really strong, loving relationships and other’s are feeling so much pressure and emotional turmoil in their relationship, that they just don’t know what to do or how to get it back on track? Relationships shouldn’t be hard work but they should include consistent effort from both partners to make it a great one. There are 3 Parts to a Successful Relationship: ONE PART

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