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Whitsunday Professional Counselling & Hypnotherapy has a 100% success rate in helping people to stop smoking with clients who really want to stop smoking.


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking includes a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is used to install positive suggestions into the unconscious mind and install strategies to help clients to stop smoking.


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking will help you even if you’ve smoked for years and never tried giving up before. We take into consideration the reasons you started smoking and the reasons you will stop now.


 Hypnosis to stop smoking informationIt used to be cool to smoke.  Ever seen the movies on TV back in the 60’s-80’s? Everyone smoked in offices, on planes, in restaurants – everywhere.


A lot of people smoked because they wanted to fit in, belong and to make friends. Some started to smoke because they wanted to rebel and be the bad boy or the bad girl. Some people started smoking because everyone else did it and their families smoked too.


The problem is today, you’re in information overload with the internet and the world wide web. You know so much more about things that you did back in the day when you started smoking.


You know about the health effects, the poisons, and toxins in the cigarettes. You know what they do to your body and even when they start doing the damage and how they damage your body. 


People who started smoking to be cool and to fit are the same people trying to give up smoking today because they don’t fit in anymore and it’s not even cool to smoke.  If you want to have a cigarette, you have to sneak around a corner at a restaurant or you have to hang out near the toilets and not be seen smoking.


You don’t look like a bad boy or a bad girl anymore do you? It’s not impressing anyone anymore, in fact, you even notice how people screw up their face at you when they see you smoking somewhere in public like your offending them! You’ve gone from being cool to being annoying – whaaat?!


So, maybe you’re ready to stop smoking now, maybe you’ve been ready for a long time but you just needed a little bit of help.


Imagine…. what it will feel like when you’ve quit smoking – for good.


If you’re ready to book your hypnosis to stop smoking session now and give up the habit for good, then the button to book an appointment.


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Why choose Hypnosis To Stop Smoking?


  • Hypnosis is known as one of the most popular and effective ways to give up smoking.
  • Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is a safe alternative to giving up smoking with no side effects.
  • There are no side effects because with hypnosis we’re using the power of your mind to undo a habit that you created.
  • You created a strategy that includes a set amount of steps you take that equals “it’s time for you to have a smoke now”.
  • With Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, I re-program your mind using the same strategy that you use in your mind to smoke.
  • I change the steps so your strategy only works for you to drink water instead of smoking or to do something else instead.
  • Through hypnosis, I can change your smoking habit so it feels like you were never a smoker. It will be like you forgot that you ever smoked. I can change the meaning of a cigarette so it means something completely different. There are lots of things I can do to help you to stop smoking. 


I need to talk with you to learn more about you and how your mind works so I can work out the best way to help you get rid of the habit.  Everyone has a different strategy for smoking and people have different triggers for smoking.


Some people smoke when they are bored, lonely, tired, hungry, frustrated. Others smoke when they are anxious or stressed. Other’s only smoke socially or when they have a drink.  Even people who don’t usually smoke will smoke when they are drunk!! 


During Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, I take into account where you smoke. Do you smoke in the car, in your house, in your bedroom, at work or only outside? Then I find out what you are coupling cigarettes with. Do you have a cigarette with coffee, tea, coke, meals, chocolate?


There are lots of other things I do to help you with Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, you’ll find out when I meet you. There are no tricks involved. You won’t cluck like a chicken or do anything silly.  Hypnosis can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t normally do. So, unless you usually go around clucking like a chicken you’ll be safe!


 Hypnosis can make some people feel really relaxed, some remember everything in the session and some don’t remember the session.  Either way, as long as you walk out the office as a non-smoker it’s happy days!


First, we start with a pre-hypnosis session where I go through your smoking history and ask you questions to determine your smoking strategies. We also do some demo’s on what hypnosis feels like. Then we can determine the best style of hypnosis to give you the best result.


Then you will go home with a task that you must do before you come to the hypnosis to stop smoking session. The task must be done or we do not do the next session. The Hypnosis to Stop Smoking session takes around 2 hours. You are asked to bring in any cigarettes and a lighter so we can test at the end of the session to make sure you don’t smoke anymore.


stress managementOnce you have given up smoking your body will start to repair the damage that has been caused by the chemicals and toxins accumulated in your body from smoking.

  • You will breathe easier
  • Feel healthier
  • Your taste and smell senses will become stronger
  • Your nerve endings, cells, and lungs will repair themselves
  • Over time, your body can return to its former health before you started to smoke


Living longer, healthier and happier are 3 good reasons to give up smoking today and taking back control of your life.


And, there is no such thing as a nicotine addiction, you’re not addicted to nicotine. You’ve developed a habit of taking short breaks throughout your day and night and those breaks have become a habit.  You enjoy the time to yourself, you have time to think and time to recharge yourself.  Now let me help you do that in a way that promotes living, gives you longer life and better health!


I’m sure you’ve got lots of things in life that you haven’t done yet and you want to experience in this lifetime. The only thing in life that we can’t replace is our time.  Smoking takes away short amounts of your time throughout the day.


When you add up those short amounts of time each day and accumulate that over the months and years you’ve been smoking, how much time from your life have you given away?

If you had more time what would you do with it?

  • Spend time with your family 
  • Your partner
  • Study a course
  • Get a new career
  • Buy that awesome car
  • Go on a holiday


The only reward you’re getting for the time you’re investing in smoking is bad health and long-term health illnesses. And the result of bad health means you’re taking away even more of your precious time because bad health will take years off your life.  I’m not trying to convince you to stop smoking now.  


It’s not up to me to convince you to save your life, spend more time with people you love, experience everything you want to experience in this lifetime and live with no regrets. That’s your choice to make.  If you don’t choose Hypnosis to Stop Smoking to help you give up smoking, choose something else – anything to help you give it up now.  


Your body can start repairing some of the damage that’s been done so you can start to add years back to your life with good health. You can feel good about the fact that nothing has power or a hold over you. You came to this website looking for something to help you stop smoking.


That means your unconscious mind is already working on a way to help you to stop smoking so you’re already on the way to giving up smoking it’s just a matter of when is it going to be your time to let it go? Now….tomorrow….. next week….. or next month…… Don’t wait too long.


Every day of your life, you’re choosing to promote living or you’re choosing to damage yourself to the point where there will be no more choices for you to make.


Choose to make an appointment – when you’re ready.


Hypnosis to Stop Smoking is usually $500 – save $100 off the price by using Coupon Code: FB$100


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